Shooting Drills at AA01’s Range

I practice drills on occassion in order to hone my shooting skills. This one in particular is called “El Presidente” and involves 3 silhouette targets. The basics of this drill are that the shooter fires 2 shots into each of the 3 targets, reloads, then fires another 2 shots into each of the 3 targets. I didn’t do it exactly the way I’m supposed to (10m to targets, targets spaced 1m apart, 6 rounds per mag), but rather used what was already set up in front of me. I did add other modifications that I’ve seen in videos before.

According to Wikipedia, “El Presidente” is often used as a benchmark to compare a shooters skill to. Sub-10 seconds is apparently to be considered “good” (though I’m not sure how current this is) – I guess I’m considered a good shooter by that standard.

Now, with the three targets, I wanted to try something else. I shot target with 2 to body, 1 to head (“Mozambique drill”) and performed a tactical reload before repeating on the next target. This CQB tactic is something I’m pretty sure is not trained anymore – it had something to do with most shooters being incapable of putting that accurate single shot into the head of a target in the middle of a fight. That being said, I have “Mozambiqued” a few players before in close-quarters situations with Airsoft players who weren’t calling hits – the two in centre mass has gone unnoticed by some adrenaline-fueled players I’ve shot in the heat of the moment, so the one in the head generally gets people to call their hits pretty quickly. Plus… I figured it would look cool on camera though, so I did it.

And then I did this while having to perform emergency reloads instead of tactical reloads – I recorded these two drills mostly to see how much faster it really is for me to perform a tactical reload instead of an emergency reload:


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