Initial Impressions: Tokyo Marui HK416D Recoil Shock

May I say first off – this is a very cool gun.


More photos and some preliminary thoughts are after the break:

Things I like thus far: next generation gearbox design (with some blowback, haven’t shot this particular one yet though) + bolt stop kicks in when magazine is dry + new hop up design + PTS 120rd PMAGs for SOPMOD actually fit (not only PTS 120rd EMAGs for SOPMOD or Tokyo Marui 82rd SOPMOD magazines) + functional ambidextrous selector lever + markings (though they are most likely unlicensed) + fit & finish+ everything put together in a  HK416D package.


Things I don’t like about it thus far: grip angle of pistol grip seems to sweep too far rearward + finish on the magazine doesn’t feel anything like the rest of the metal on the gun + proprietary battery set-up (as cool as it is to just slide in a new battery, rewiring to allow compatibility with new batteries seems pointless as you loose that quick-change capability) + no function of bolt stop to hold the mock bolt carrier open to aid in adjusting of hop up + price for the value you’re getting (seems to me that it may just be more paying for the name brand than a gun that’s actually worth this much).



All in all, the TM HK416D seems like a well-designed AEG. Nearly all of the best of the industry-standard AEG functions are present, and all of the TM HK416D-specific features work exactly as they should.

This came in at work a few days ago, along with the Tokyo Marui MP7 GBB… but I took photos of this one first.



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