Review: Airsoft Innovations Gas Gun Propane Adapter

Airsoft Innovations Propane Adapter Kit

Airsoft Innovations Propane Adapter Kit

So recently I purchased the Airsoft Innovations Propane Adapter kit from Airsoft Gear and after a few weekends of use I’m impressed and recommend it. It’s a simple addition to your kit but if you either run a gas gun or a gas blow back pistol consistently it will save you a fortune.

While most people who read this blog may already own this kit, for those who don’t I’ll give a quick summary of why this product is awesome. Most airsoft stores sell “Green Gas”, a pre-mixed combination of propane and silicon oil. While convenient, these canisters cost between $15 -20 bucks a can (in Canada) and will only last a few you a few game days. This adapter kit allows you to utilize store bought propane canisters which can be found at camping stores, hardware stores or department stores. These canisters are much cheaper around $5 a pop and contain a a much larger volume of propane than green gas canisters. This is where the cost savings kick in, more gas for less cash.

The adapter kit some with three components, the main adapter nozzle (2nd item from the right), a duster attachment (item on the right) and a small bottle of silicon oil (item on the left). The main adapter nozzle made of can screw onto any propane or duster canister which allows you to refill most gas magazines easily. The duster attachment, which can be attached on top of the main adapter allows you to refill any gas magazines designed for duster gas. And finally the small bottle of silicone oil bridges the gap to green gas. Every few uses all you need to do is add a few drops of the silicone oil into the spout of the propane canister which will keep your mags running clean.

Quick review but in summary, its a simple addition to your gear but it will keep your gas guns up and running for longer and cheaper.

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