Preview: A+ Studio Hop Up Assistant Device

A+ Studio Hop Up Assistant

A+ Studio Hop Up Assistant

So recently a buddy was making a purchase from eHobby Asia and asked if I needed anything. After random browsing I found an possible upgrade I had to try out, The A+ Studio Hop Up Assistant.

Hop Up Assistant

Hop Up Assistant

For those of your who own a KWA or KSC GBB system you’ll be familiar with the how the hop-up system works. A ball bearing is pushed into hop up bucking as the hop up dial is rotated. The hop up assistant does look like much, its just a simple ball bearing and a beveled washer. The hop up assistant (beveled washer) is placed below the ball bearing, so when pressure is placed on the bearing it is evenly distributed onto the the hop up, as opposed to a single point of pressure.

Installation was incredibly easy and initially it seems like the upgrade has had a minor impact on hop up efficiency. But tomorrow is gameday and I’ll see how the upgrade pans out.


2 responses to “Preview: A+ Studio Hop Up Assistant Device

  • juicy

    A Plus hop assistant + A Plus hop bucking for KSC = better results in my testing. Stock bucking doesn’t have a long enough hop up patch to get much benefit from this and is still is prone to tearing.

  • tak

    Yeah definitely saw an improvement today. I have the A+ Studio bucking as well and together they’re a lot better than the stock bucking.

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