Happy Birthday, Kampfer!

Some helmet cam footage from Kampfer’s birthday party at Panther. I did forget to rotate my Contour lens, hence the weird size of video clips.

Too bad the birthday squash balls missed him… though this was only the first attempt for the day.

Abusing the attacker-turned-prisoner (Kampfer) in the “tire fort” field.

Team deathmatch in the “dunes” field.

Flag push with Kampfer as a live flag that shoots back. I take a direct hit on the outer lens of my Contour part way through the game – small price to pay for the multitude of kills I got with my CA SA58 (FAL) AEG in this game.

Patrol (1 hit 1 kill death rule) vs. ambusher (Kampfer with “pain game” death rule).


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