Operation Iceback

Optix has been notifying the local Airsoft community about an upcoming Mil-Sim in Golden, BC called Operation Iceback. Iceback will be from August 24-25, 2013 and will be run by Urban Combat Simulation Group Canada on 560 acres of land (with buildings).

Current background information is as follows:

Nestled in a mountain valley stands a large terrorist group. Intel suspects they are manufacturing mass amounts of Bio-chemical agents and may have their hands on a nuclear device that could be launched or transported and detonated.

Intel is sketchy at best, but from what we have seen, probable.

This is supposedly a limited ammo event; the rules that have been passed onto Optix have varied a bit on this factor specifically – but currently I am told that we are allowed a maximum of 8 mid cap mags, or unlimited low/real cap mags. Rules for support gunners are different, though I’m not a support gunner myself and hence I haven’t exactly paid attention to these.

As far as I’m aware, Optix is attempting to rally 50+ players from the Lower Mainland to play together on the Op-For team – if we are indeed on this team and are fighting Coalition Forces, we won’t have a ton of in-game recon to do. Probably more patrolling and escorting, mixed in with a bit of firefights as Coalition Forces (including the SF teams) engage us.

Please contact Optix for more (current) information, or check his forum’s entire section on Op. Iceback.

For a map of the AO, click this link to UCSGC’s PDF file on their website.


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