Ooooh, very cool. I’ve always wanted a MP5K… especially after playing hours with it virtually, online in Battlefield 3 with Jester.

The limited battery space and lack of being able to perform “HK slaps” that actually serve a purpose always turned me off from the AEG versions. I guess this is the MP5 “Apache” GBB that WE has been working on, as there was a leak from WE a year or so ago about a few plans to build various GBB models, including the MP5.

Above photo from a Facebook post by Monda International (WE distributor) early today.

After holding and playing with the VFC MP5 GBB that was on display for a long period of time at my previous job, I kind of want a MP5 GBB that isn’t plagued with VFC’s impossible-to-fix POS leaky mags (believe me, I tried fixing that VFC MP5 magazine while I was employed at that shop… many a time). Though WE mags are prone to leaking even when taken proper care of, at least I can just replace the factory O-rings they put in there – no fancy seals or anything. Or so I can hope, as WE seems to have learned a lesson from their old version M4/SCAR-L GBBR magazines and improved them in the V2 magazines to use a normal O-ring.

I do have to say that I’ve been relatively impressed with the improved WE quality with their new factory. The new guns that were designed after (and including) the PX4 GBB have been pretty good thus far – not nearly as many complaints that I can come up with that are as bad as the WE 1911 and Hi-Capa lines. Hopefully these improvements in WE production quality can continue through with the SMGs that they have been recently releasing or releasing information about.

I think I’ll have to get my hands on one… its pretty cool. No dry fire too, it looks like to me. Sort of like how the AK works if I had to guess.

MP5K = infinitely cooler looking than the MP5A2 in my books.


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