Op. Iceback: Batteries, Lights & Optics

My battery packing checklist for Operation Iceback is as follows:

LiPo (Gun) Batteries:

3x Firefox 11.1V 1100MaH 15C LiPo short stick battery

Firefox LiPo battery packs I choose over other Airsoft and RC packs due to their long-term longevity and low out-of-the-box lemon rate. 1100MaH will last between 1100-2200 rounds, depending which gun I put them into. 11.1V 15C gives me the trigger response needed to run my gun in semi-auto as fast as I can pull the trigger, and enough juice to give me a nice burst of full-auto into those players that just aren’t calling their hits the first time.

In my PTW – approximately 9-10x 120rd mid-cap magazines worth. Considering how we are limited to 8x mid-cap magazines at a time, this seems like a good lightweight battery to install into my PTW for each excursion out of designated reloading areas.

In my AEG – approximately 16-18x magazines, though I haven’t yet tested the lifetime of these on a full charge in my current King Arms M4 configuration. Either way, 16 magazines worth is 2 full mid-cap mag compliments of 8 loaded mags per trip back to base.I will be carrying 1x Firefox 11.1V 1100MaH 15c LiPo onto the field with me at all times on my person or in my 2nd line kit.

2x Turnigy “Nano-Tech” 11.1V 2200MaH 15C LiPo split battery

Turnigy Nano-Tech batteries I purchased after hearing good things from “Gunny” and a few other players who were testing them at the time. Biggest plus – they’re cheap. Biggest downfall – they don’t last as many charge cycles as the Firefox. All 3 of my Turnigy Nano-Tech packs have puffed up after only a handful of charges from 40-60% drain… though that being said, I kept using them for many, many more charge cycles and they still haven’t exploded or otherwise stopped working on me yet. I’ve seen a couple of these packs that the first few guys who bought them owned smoking and abandoned in the parking lot at Panther (knock on wood).

In my PTW – … more mags than my FCC motor is capable of handling before it overheats. One battery should last 10 hours of regular (but not constant) firefights. I’m more concerned about one of these blowing up than I am about it running low.

In my AEG – I honestly don’t have a stock that is currently equipped on my King Arms M4 AEG to even accept this battery, but I’ll be trying to sort this out before August. If I had to make an educated guess (have not yet even tested my current KA M4 build on these batteries yet), I’d say about 30 mags worth of BBs? That seems like a stretch, but actually… in warm weather, with a VFC torque motor and 200% torque gears, I’d say 2200MaH x 1.5 for warm weather x 120 rds/mag = 27.5 mags… and that’s a conservative guess, as I’ve shot and seen AEGs that can get nearly 2x as many shots out as the MaH in the pack in warm weather.

Light/Laser & Batteries:

6x Ultrafire 3.0V CR123A rechargeable battery

Ultrafire makes somewhat decent rechargeable CR123A – though they are cheap, so I buy them. Every few Ultrafire RCR123A battery that I buy doesn’t like to be charged, due to the + terminal being slightly off spec and slightly too short (thus far 2/10 RCR123A). Though the capacity is only 800MaH as versus what I recall being 1000MaH in most of the non-rechargeable CR123A varieties, I make up for this in cost – buying a single, decent CR123A isn’t cheap.

2 CR123A for long gun light, either Element M3X on PTW, or Element M600C on AEG. 1 CR123A for a PEQ-15 if I decide to utilize a laser.

1 extra set of 3 CR123A batteries as a back up.

Optics & Batteries:

3x GP 3V CR1620

I try to maintain a stockpile of CR1620 batteries at all times. I’ve tried Energizer, GP, and an ACM-brand or two of these batteries in my ACM T-1 red (and red/green) dot sights. Though I do have other red-dot optics at my disposal, I still prefer the ACM T-1 red dot as it gives me the crispest, clearest sight picture with little parallax error at a decent price that I’m not afraid to replace my T-1’s at if they get shot out or are otherwise rendered unusable.

When running a gun with one of my ACM T-1’s, I do try to keep a spare CR1620 on me at all times. For the times that I do forget to pack one into a pouch or a pocket on regular game days, scenario days, and short mil-sims alike, I’ve had to rely on my back-up irons at least once.

I won’t require a spare set of batteries for my other (current) optic of choice for Operation Iceback, an ACM TA31 4x ACOG on repro ARMS mount. The 4x optical zoom will allow me to see a little further – both to make the most of the range I’m capable of getting accurate hits on target with my primaries, as well as to ID targets that are too far away to clearly tell what team/squad they’re on.


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