AOR1 6094 Update

I had to buy two separate rigs to make my one rig. Like a boss.

I had to buy two separate rigs to make my one rig. Like a boss.

My goal all along for my SEALs AOR1 6094 has been to toss the 6094k front plate onto a 6094a, and thanks to a recent teammate’s order (thanks again, Dirt and Mondue!), I was able to finally do that.

The combined rig you see above combines the best of both worlds – the awesome K front plate with the versatility of the A’s well designed cummerbund. As you can see the MOLLE cummerbund allows me to mount a GP on my off side (so as not to interfere with the belt mounted sidearm draw on my strong side). This allows me to mount my BBs/batteries/utilities within easy reach, without resorting to using a pack (although I love my Yote and will still be using it from time to time and especially for sims).

The “wingman” pouches present on the A cummerbund also allow me to carry my radio pouch within the cummerbund instead of having to rely on a separate pouch. It’s still within easy reach should I need to make volume/channel adjustments, which is important during gameplay and especially important if you’re wearing Sordins or other headsets (this is the main reason why I don’t mount my radio on my back like I’ve seen others do).

The A shoulder pads are immensely comfortable and make up for one of the major downsides of the K, which was the thin, non-padded shoulder straps. The A pads also have convenient cable/hydration tube routers, which is always nice to have.


As you can see the backplate is mostly bare save for my blade antenna (which was lifted from my MARSOC kit and is purely for aesthetics) and a MOLLE drop pouch which is on there to carry a water bottle. The latter will be replaced shortly with an AOR1 hydro pack. I’m undecided on what else to toss on the back, although some smoke/flash/slap charge pouches seems to be the popular choice.

I think I’ll go with the slap charges. I came up with an awesome idea when discussing this with Juicy the other day – I’ll draw the slap charge from my back like a sword and use it as a melee weapon. Then I’ll shout “you’ve been slapped!” whenever I hit someone with it.

Y’know, because it’s a slap charge. A slap charge. See what I did there?


4 responses to “AOR1 6094 Update

  • juicy

    You’re missing half the part about the “slap charge” – you have to charge at people before slapping them!

  • juicy

    Something I would like to add after fiddling with Jester’s Flyye -A front and Flyye -K rear: the Flyye 6094A front accepts large SAPI plates (6094B), whereas the Flyye 6094K back accepts medium SAPI plates. This leads me to believe that the Flyye 6094A is a large and the Flyye 6094K is a medium – Dizzy, can you confirm this?

    • dizzy

      I don’t have large SAPI plates so I can’t confirm, but the 6094A front does look significantly roomier than the K front, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this were the case.

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