(Supposedly) Incoming: Contour Replacement Lens

Following my Contour ROAM2 outer lens getting shot out on June 8th at Jasper’s (“Kampfer”) birthday, with an impact from a 0.40g or 0.43g heavy-weight BB from a long-barreled GBBR (this is actually on film here), I haven’t been able to record any helmet camera footage since. I really wish I could, but I can’t due to Contour screwing up my order twice now – more on this after the break.


I ordered a couple of replacement lens sets from Contour on June 12th and observed that the expected delivery date by UPS to be 2 business days later (package was sent on the 17th). Lo and behold, 4 days later and the UPS tracking status still said that the UPS label had been printed and that UPS was waiting for the parcel to be transferred to them.

Upon asking Contour what was going on with my order, the customer service rep informed me that the shipping department couldn’t figure out what had happened to my package. They reshipped my order on June 26th after I had to pester them a few times as they hadn’t replied to my last inquiry (June 19th) as of the 25th.

I’m still waiting for my tiny package of replacement lens sets. UPS tracking information says that the item went out for delivery today but they couldn’t find my address as the sender had listed (and to please send the recipient’s correct shipping address to the sender – Contour has my correct shipping address on my original invoice). Here goes another wait for Contour to actually get back to me about figuring out how they screwed up again

I thought Contour was supposed to have really good customer service. This is actually rather disappointing, as the camera itself is a pretty hardy little piece with a longer-than-expected battery life. Included software is kinda clunky and doesn’t do very much other than import files (which can already be done without using the software anyway).

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