Tier One BBs – Review

IMG_1576BBs are to airsoft guns what fuel is to cars – yes, your car will run with crappy gas, but to really accurate gauge its performance you need decent quality fuel. Similarly, you could run 0.12g cheapo Walmart BBs in your AEG, or you could run $30/bag BBBastards – the choice is up to you. Sometimes, though, what you really want is a happy medium between value and performance – that’s where these Tier One BBs come in to play.

Fellow Fireteam Bro member and all around good guy Dickson recently started up his own brand of BBs and provided me with two 5000 count bags of his new brand in 0.28 and 0.25 weights for testing. The following is based off of running the entire bag of 0.28s and a handful of the 0.25s (for testing purposes). My (mostly positive) review of two weeks of running these BBs is after the break.

IMG_1575First things first – do they feed? Nothing is more important for BBs – you could have the best AEG in the world but if your BBs don’t feed in your gun, well, you’re hosed. I’m happy to report that they fed perfectly, with nary a single misfeed/jam, in my TM Glock 17, Magpul PTS Systema PTW Pmags, and TM Next-Gen Midcaps and Highcaps (I have yet to test the BBs in my other mags but will update this review when I do so).

Over one game day I ran approximately three 28 round mags with the Glock, three 120 round mags with the PTW, and roughly twenty or so 82 round mags with the TM Next-Gen plus two 300 round highcaps, and I encountered no feeding problems whatsoever at any time during the day.  I ran the Glock at the end of the day with sustained double taps though all three mags and the three PTW mags on semi and three round burst during some lunchtime testing. I was running my TM Next-Gen AEG as my primary for the day and fired both semi and sustained full auto fire (including two mags where I fired the entire 82 round mag in one long sustained burst, mostly because I was in love with the recoil shock). No problems whatsoever, and every BB fed perfectly, including the very last BBs on the TM and PTW mags (which feed every BB in the mag before “locking” the bolt).

Performance is a little trickier to judge, as variations in accuracy/range can be easily attributed to differences in AEG tuning instead of BB quality, but on the whole the Tier One BBs performed very well. Accuracy was on par with other local brands that I’ve used regularly. Range was roughly the same as well. Consistency was good, though it should be said that there was the odd flier or two per mag (particularly with the TM Next-Gen midcaps), but this can be attributed to user error or one-off manufacturing defects. Regardless, it’s still something to note.

Pretty cool logo, if I may say so myself.

Pretty cool logo, if I may say so myself.

The main draw for Tier One BBs, however, is the value. The Tier One BBs come in 5000 count bags, which is more than double the usual 2000 count bags that most locally sold BBs come in. The 5000 count bags should last you at least a couple full days of gaming, or perhaps a single day if you’re running a SAW of some sort or are particularly trigger happy.

Overall I’m very pleased with the performance of Tier One BBs, and will likely be running them for most regular game days for the near future. They don’t have the performance of higher-tier BBs (BB Bastards), but are above average in performance compared to most ACM bulk brands and miles above most bulk Walmart/CT brands. They are more than adequate for regular game days, and fit well into the coveted combination of performance and value that most airsofters require for their day to day plastic slinging needs. These BBs therefore get the Dizzy Seal of Approval ™.

Tier One BBs are available in the following weights/prices (CAD):

0.20 – $15
0.25 – $19
0.28 – $27
0.25 tracers – $50

If you’re interested in picking some up, contact Dickson directly at dickson.tierone@gmail.com.




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