Haul: Airsoftstore.ca

Above - the result of an airsofter's shopping spree.

Above – the result of an airsofter’s shopping spree.

I’ve been meaning to make an order from Airsoft Store Canada for quite awhile now. I’m all for supporting Canadian airsoft stores, and their store is well laid out and their prices are more than reasonable. Having dealt with their main rep, Stealth, in some private sales and having seen how active he is on the Airsoft Canada boards, I knew that their customer service, should I need it, was just as good as their prices. With all this in mind I decided to make an order of some small external bits (ACM Surefire MB556K muzzle brake replica, Element Surefire M600c replica, Larue LT752 flashlight mount replica, ACM Troy battlesights), along with some “alternative” hop-up items (Lonex 50D sleeve, HS5 Armory IR-hop kit, Prometheus Flat-hop tensioner) that I’m looking forward to trying out.

Pics and small reviews of the order after the break.

Firstly, the order went off without a hitch and shipping was extremely fast, with the order shipping out the next day and arriving at my doorstep right on schedule. The order was correct and there were no issues with payment/shipping, which is a good start.

Surefire MB556k: Travis Haley impression +5

Surefire MB556k: Travis Haley impression +5

First, the external bits, starting off with a Surefire MB556k muzzle brake replica. I’ve been looking for one of these for awhile, but most of the places that carried it were seemingly permanently out of stock. And for good reason, as this is by far one of the more popular muzzle devices out there in the civilian real steel world where it apparently does wonders with mitigating felt recoil. For airsoft purposes, it just looks cool, although not nearly as cool without the muzzle flash/gases the real steel version comes with:

Airsoft Store Canada, unfortunately, was out of stock of ACM Costa Beards.

The Airsoft Store Canada replica is solidly made, with clean machining. The clean, nicely lasered trades were a nice plus and something that not all replicas of this muzzle brake have. For $20, it’s a good deal for a muzzle device that I’ll likely be tossing on the end of my AEGs/GBBRs for a long time to come. For now, it’ll land on my KJW GBBR, which is the closest thing I have to something with felt recoil.

IMG_1615Next up was an Element M600c replica in an ACM Larue LT752 mount. I went for the tan/FDE version instead of the black, and was slightly disappointed to see that the color is a very light, almost gold color and not the darker, coyote brown-ish color that I’ve seen in some local stores. Regardless, the light is well made and the illumination will do the job (95% of the games I play are outdoors during the day so I don’t foresee myself giving this heavy use, but it’s nice to know it works well anyway).

The Larue mount mates well with the light and clamps solidly to the rail, which is really all I need from it. I’ve seen plenty of stripped threads/screws from ACM products like these, but I don’t foresee myself ever detaching the light from this mount so I don’t think that’ll be an issue. Trades would have been nice, but aren’t necessary. I love the angle that the flashlight now sits on. It is very low profile and lets me switch grips from right to left side and still maintain a similar forward grip since the light is out of the way of my forward hand placement. Good product.


Rounding out my external purchases is a set of Troy Battlesights – HK Style. I prefer the HK hooded sight instead of the traditional M4-style leaf sight, so I went with those, although Airsoft Store Canada also has the M4 style ones in stock as well. The sights are solidly made and have nice trades (apologies for not taking a clearer picture of them). However, the sight portion does wobble a little bit both when folded and when raised. I very rarely if ever use iron sights exclusively so this isn’t a huge issue and it may just be that I got a couple of lemons, but it’s still worth noting. Anyway, they look good when folded down (and they stay folded down), and that’s all I really need them for. Still happy with my purchase.

Hop-up items - my old nemesis.

Hop-up items – my old nemesis.

My internal purchases consisted of Lonex 50D Buckings and Sleeves (of which I ordered four – at $5.50 each, why not?), HS5 Armory IR-Hop Z-kit (including a second set for Juicy), and a Prometheus Flat Hop-up Tensioner. These are all the ingredients for, you guessed it, an R-hop setup.

I’ve been meaning to try an R-hop setup for awhile now, but I was always afraid of the work/tinkering involved. I’ve slowly been improving my gun doctoring skills but hop-up items have always been a stumbling block for me. I’m hoping that Juicy can install his R-hop and then give me pointers on how to do it – thanks, Juice! Airsoft Store Canada has also put up an extremely informative how-to video on the process that I’ll likely be following closely.

The Prometheus Flat Hop-up Tensioner can also be used in a non-R-hop setup, which is what I currently have planned for my newest AEG (yes, I got another one – more details on that later). I spent most of Fireteam Bro’s PTW night not working on my PTW, but installing the Hop Tensioner in a flat hop setup combined with a Lonex sleeve (that I removed the “bump” and “ridge” from with an X-acto knife and some fine grit sandpaper). I’m not entirely sure this will provide the results I’m hoping for, but I’ll report back with my results after I’ve gamed it on Sunday.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for what I’m sure will be the first of many purchases I make from Airsoft Store Canada. Quality items at a decent price with quick shipping from a Canadian retailer with great customer service – what more can I ask for?

Well done, Airsoft Store Canada. Well done. I’m a happy customer.

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  • p3rc_

    Agree, airsoftstore.ca has ninja fast shipping as advertised.. Btw dizzy u can’t buy a costa beard… It must be earned!

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