Full-Trademarks Slide: WE M&P

I ordered myself this cool bit for my WE M&P through work, along with some of the sears, hop up adjuster dials, hop up adjuster arms, and outer barrels. This is the benefit of working at/buying from a shop that deals directly with WE – I can easily source WE factory parts, including full-trademark parts… like this full trademark slide:





I guess this full trades slide would be the one that you would see on the full-trademark WE M&P if such a model (from the factory) were easily found… which it is not. I’m now definitely proud of my personal WE M&P – last finishing touches would be a steel/reinforced sear (if only someone would produce one). I’m not going to bother trying to order a trademarked frame from WE – I can live with the “WE” marking as is.

Anyway, there are a couple more photos and my thoughts in brief after the break.

Trademarks are nice and deep. (Pretend that the crooked “MADE IN TAIWAN” gold sticker isn’t there, it does come off and I’ve since removed it.) I’ve seen WE M&P’s with laser-engraved “trademarks” that look ugly in comparison to this slide (another local retailer here sold those UN Company custom-laser-engraved WE M&P’s for a bit – note that the lasered trades were not done in the WE factory), and I’m most definitely glad that I waited to get this slide instead.


Slide fits tighter on slide rails in lower. This is a definite plus, as the stock WE slide felt a little wobbly on almost all the WE M&P’s I’ve handled at work.


Note that the inside of the slide appears ground down from the factory… Likely due to casting defect (as you can see from the imperfect notch between the holes for the outer barrel and spring guide. Not the best first impression, but things get better from here.


I did also order a spare outer barrel, as the rear “leg” hanging off the barrel that interfaces with the hop up chamber broke off – not the first time I’ve seen this happen on the WE M&P. This causes the outer barrel to occasionally fail to tilt and unlock from the slide, thus preventing the slide from cycling as easily as it should.


As I’ve never had to open up the slide on my WE M&P until now, two details struck me as WE going beyond the industry standard of just making the slide mould look like there are extra parts attached to it (I know, I’m just as shocked to find this, as I’m used to WE not going to this level of detail). The dummy ejector is indeed a separate part, held in place when the blowback unit is assembled into the slide. The dummy pin on the top of the rear of the slide is a small protruding pin cast into the blowback unit.


Just so you know, the factory replacement sears are just the same sears, but pre-modified with the same method I’ve depicted previously – diagram from WE here, and my own video depicting how to do so. The new hop up adjuster dial from the factory is thinner in width, so it fits much better in the hop chamber. The new hop up adjuster arm pushes further down on the hop up bucking, allowing for greater hop up effect to be effective on BB’s heavier than 0.20g.


16 responses to “Full-Trademarks Slide: WE M&P

  • John

    Hey Juicy

    Been watching your page for a while!

    Can you help me get one of theese slides?

    I also need some internal spareparts for my WE M&P!

    Let me know if I can hook you up with a holster for the M&P with M3x ๐Ÿ™‚

    • juicy

      Hi John from Predator Gear Inc.,

      I can (for slide and parts), I just will need to do it separately from Overhoppers as I keep my blog separate from my job. I’ve got your Gmail address, can I send you an email there (it’ll be coming from my work email)?

      As to a light-bearing holster for M&P: I’m good at the moment, though I’ve been checking the Predator Gear Facebook page periodically and noticed a prototype Kydex AK magazine carrier of yours pictured a couple of weeks back – I wouldn’t mind one of those when you’ve got a production model ready for sale.

      Lastly, thanks for reading Overhoppers blog,

      • John

        You are most welcome to send me a email regarding the slide from you job ๐Ÿ™‚

        The AK pouches should be ready very soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Justin

    Hey Juicy,
    Just like John posted above I find myself in the same boat and could use a set of trigger sears and hammer(sear?assembly?) to fix my we m&p. If this is something that you could order through your workplace feel free to send me an email as you did John.

  • Phil

    Wow, WE seems to be stepping up their game a little. If you wouldn’t mind arranging another sale, I’m sure my trigger sear is about to go out too (mushy, hair trigger) and a slide to match my real carry M&P would be quite nifty.

    Yours is the only blog I’ve ever bookmarked! The LCT posts and M&P posts have been wonderful.

    • juicy

      Can do. I’ll contact you from my work email, through the same email you use for WordPress.com – if that’s okay with you?

      Thanks for the compliments and for reading here on Overhoppers!

      • Phil

        Absolutely fine. I know a machinist and I’ll see if he can work on copying the sear. No expectations, though.

      • juicy

        Yes, that would be excellent if a machinist could copy the sear!

        I got in touch with James and asked if WE could produce steel sears for the M&P. The answer was that I would have to purchase a minimum of 200 sears in order for my special order to go through… I’m not willing to pay for 200 sears out of my own pocket that may or may not sell. The viability of factory-produced steel sears from WE is very low because of this response I got from James (apparently no one else has really asked for this custom part yet).

        FYI, I sent an email a couple of days ago from work.

  • juicy

    Update: Unfortunately, WE stopped producing these slides months ago. They just forgot to tell my bosses until this week.

  • Update: WE M&P Slides | Overhoppers

    […] work, I tried to get in a handful of these factory slides with trademarks. Unfortunately, WE stopped producing these slides months ago and are no longer shipping these out […]

  • B1indfire

    Do you know if you can still get a replacement outer barrel?
    Send me an e-mail if you can.

  • oc.aperture

    Hello Juicy
    I am in desperate need of a replacement sear set for my M&P (trigger and hammer).
    After doing the mod the sears have continued to wear down to the point where it is unusable.
    Would I be able to order a couple of sets from you ?


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