FFI AOR2 Gen 2 Combat Set

Fireteam Bro all chipped in to get me an AOR2 uniform to match Dizzy, Jester and Jetlag’s 2013 US Navy SEALs impressions. Seeing as how the Allwin wasn’t in stock in my size at the usual stores I shop at, I decided to go yet again with J.K. Army for the FFI AOR2 Style Gen 2 Combat Set. Once again, J.K. Army was not nearly as fast as some of the other Hong Kong retailers can be at getting my order shipped out the door, and they screwed up the items sent to me… again. Luckily, my size of Combat Set was in stock at the time of processing and I actually received it.

Behold – the Flash Force Industries AOR2 Gen2 Combat Set!


I’ve now worn this set for one game day on the field, as of this past weekend – more on it after the break.

I’m not a small guy, so I ended up ordering FFI’s size XXL as this was the closest match in terms of the size chart provided. The FFI XXL shirt is a good fit for me, though the cuff diameter seems to be larger than what I’m used to. The FFI XXL pant waist fits as advertised, though the inseam length seems to be a few inches longer than the typical US regular-length BDU pant; this could be due to the adjustable knee pad height as detailed near the end of this write up, and if so is likely something that comes from the original Crye Precision Gen 2 Combat Pants design.

Size chart is as follows (copied directly from J.K. Army’s page on the Flash Force Industries AOR2 Gen2 Combat Set:

In comparison to the Allwin AOR2 Combat Sets that Dizzy and Jester are running, I’d have to say that the shirt and pants solid colour is a much brighter green than that found on the Allwin AOR2 set, which has a more subdued olive colour to it. When comparing to reference photos of real AOR2 Combat Shirts, I’d have to say that this appears to be the case as well – Allwin looks much more accurate in terms of this colour. The FFI material used in these areas is polyester, according to J.K. Army’s product page – I highly doubt that these are treated with any flame retardants, and I’d rather not take the risk of having this melt onto me, so I won’t be testing this possible feature out any time soon.


The AOR2 pattern as compared to the solid colour polyester material on the shirt body and the solid colour stretchy material on the pants. Once again, the solid colour materials look brighter than they should, as compared to reference photos of real AOR2 Combat Sets I’ve seen.

FFI AOR2 colours in the pattern look to be a little more distinct – the blacks look darker, the greens look brighter, etc – as compared to both Allwin AOR2 Combat Set (Dizzy and Jester) and a real NWU Type III/AOR2 uniform (Jetlag). That being said, I actually haven’t yet seen another brand new AOR2 combat set (repro or real) to compare to, so this could be a result of the colours fading a bit.


Crye Gen 2-style combat shirt uses YKK zipper.


Elbows have second layer of material on them (a pocket) with a velcro closure to the elbow pad pocket.


Pockets on the upper arm – pretty standard with most newer BDU’s available on the market now. Two buttons with velcro on the outside, but a nice touch is the centred hook-and-loop squares inside the pocket lid that allows closure with or without the buttons.


Fly on the pants are a combination of buttons (covered up by a flap of patterned fabric on the outside of the pants) and hook-and-loop closure. There is a small bit of tightening/loosening available via this velcro closure, though it fits quite well for me as is.


Crotch looks to be better assembled than the US-issue surplus M81 Woodland or DCU pants. I was mildly surprised at the apparent strength in the stitching that FFI did here… but I’m no expert at stitches. Only time will tell to see if this blows out or not (it hasn’t so far). Update 12/12/2014 – still intact.


Stretchy material makes for a very comfortable fit. This is the same solid-colour material used all throughout the pants.


The way they’re stitched together inside the pants means that the material folds flat to be slightly more comfortable. If this means something more to someone who knows more about stitches and clothing and all that, please do chime in with a comment.


Knee pads fit into these pockets as illustrated below. Gen 2 knee pads feature a flexible axis… not sure how much of a difference in comfort this makes as I’ve never handled (let alone worn) Gen 1 pants/pads. Note the lack of velcro tabs on the pad itself, though the inside of the pants has the capability to grab onto that found on CP pads. Update 12/12/2014 – I’ve since gone to a clone set of Gen 1 knee pads with the velcro tab as these FFI ones have come out a couple of times, usually when they get snagged on something when my knee is flexed.


The motion to install the pads is more of a slide and a wiggle. Note that the knee pads are not included via J.K. Army with the FFI set unless the option is added (cheap enough, so I added them anyway).


Knee pad height is adjusted using this strap looped through a slot in front pants pockets and into a plastic ladder lock.


… through this buckle. I’ve had these loosen up in the middle of the game day that I used them – apparently this happens on the real Crye pants as well, as per Jetlag. Suggestions to fixing this include tying a knot around the plstic ladder locks, wrapping tape, tying a knot with tape on top, tying a knot on one length of the strap to keep the strap from loosening through the plastic slots. The plastic is not of the most impressive quality, but it seems to be holding up thus far.


You can further adjust the tightness of the pad to your leg via a velcro strap on the back of the knee. As the length of the pant leg is on the long side, I use the velcro strap at the cuff of the pant to secure the length of the pant leg to my ankle or boot.


I’ve only actually owned one full combat set prior to this – a repro Crye Gen2 set by Allwin in Multicam. At the time, Multicam just wasn’t very appealing to me, so I did not keep it for very long. I honestly don’t remember too much about it, so I can’t really compare the FFI set to that Allwin one.

All in all, I’m rather impressed with this repro AOR2 Combat Set by Flash Force Industries. The replica AOR2 pattern looks pretty close to the real AOR2/NWU Type III pattern and the cut/finish is quite nice.

I would like to compare my FFI Combat Set to the Allwin Combat Sets and the real AOR2 BDU… but that’s something for another time. Update 12/12/2014 – I should have added this insight a long time ago. Though they are “close enough” for my less-than-perfect NSW-inspired kit that I’m not terribly motivated to ever complete, I do have to admit that they are not a perfect match to the AOR2 pattern on a used pair of surplus BDU pants.


18 responses to “FFI AOR2 Gen 2 Combat Set

  • cardiobikeracer

    Thanks for detailing the knee pad height adjustment. I just received similar pants in RG a few weeks ago, I wasn’t 100% sure how the adjustment worked. Thanks for write up and info.

  • Spadona

    For the team members that have the Allwin AOR2 combat set, where did you buy your knee pad inserts that fitted?

    • juicy

      Good question… I’m not sure.

      • Spadona

        Also a follow-up question about your FFI set. Are they still running strong? Any issues after a year of use?

      • juicy

        Still in one piece. Knee area is almost excessively stretchy around knee pad, and shirt material is a cotton material (could be thinner for better breathability as with my FFI 2014 Woodland set)… but nothing major in terms of complaints. Still very happy with my FFI set for the price.

    • dizzy

      Hi Spadona – we used the knee pad inserts that came with the Allwin combat set. I quick google search showed that they are available for purchase separately if you do some digging.

      Cheers and thanks for reading!

      • Spadona

        Thanks for getting back to me, Juicy & Dizzy. How are the Allwin sets holding up? Any issues after 1+ year(s) of service?

        Thanks for your time.

      • dizzy

        My particular Allwin AOR2 set faded somewhat after the first wash, although this is probably because I didn’t do the vinegar dye-set trick and just threw it in with the normal wash. That being said I find slightly faded BDUs to be a little more authentic.

        In terms of quality I don’t run the Allwin set very often (I’d say one game every two months, if even that) as I often run one of my other camos, but so far they seem to be holding up. There is some minor fraying and loosening of the stitching but it hasn’t fallen apart or anything. That being said your mileage may vary if you plan on giving them regular usage. I use them rarely.

        I also have the same Allwin sets in AOR1 and in Woodland, and those have been holding up well (particularly the woodland set, which I use more regularly than either of the AOR sets).

      • Spadona

        Thanks for the reply! Love the blog, keep up the good work. ❤

  • penguin_u3

    Thank you guy, this review was very helpful for me.
    By the way, I’m want you to tell me one …Did you had to choose notation one size larger than the BDU size you are wearing usual?

  • penguin_u3

    Thank you for fast reply.
    Follow the advice of you, I will refer to the official of the FFI.
    I hope you write a good article in the future.
    Good luck.

  • nick

    whats your waist size?

  • Sam

    Whilst in Hong Kong during the Christmas / New Year holiday I had the opportunity to compare FFI, Emerson and TMC versions of AOR2 Gen 2 side by side, in terms of price FFI almost twice the price of the other two, but the quality of the materials used and stitching is first rate. Hence I bought two the FFI AOR2 one for myself and one for my son.

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