Haul: DS Tactical


I grabbed these items from DS Tactical on Saturday: UA Speed Freeks, BFG Ten-Speed Triple M4 Mag Pouch, shock cord. A couple of detailed photos and my thoughts in brief on these items (thus far – only used these for one day total now) after the break.

Under Armour Speed Freek Boots (Multicam)

My initial impressions are very good thus far – worn twice now, once in DS where they seemed to live up to the positive things I’ve been hearing about them from “Optix” (Julian) and “Kampfer” (Jasper), and once on the field on Sunday. Comfortable. Light weight. Didn’t get a chance to test the full capabilities of the tread pattern, though I’ve been told its excellent. More to come on these at a later date – these are worth a write-up.

Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Triple M4 Mag Pouch (Multicam)

A versatile, light weight, open top pouch that I’m using to carry a variety of different shapes and sizes of magazines/other stuff in, yet it will shrink to a neat flat surface when there’s nothing stuffed inside.


Back material is different than your typical Cordura pouch – this is one of the major features of the BFG Ten-Speed stuff on the market now. I’m slightly skeptical on the longevity of this material used in conjunction with the elastic on the front of the pouch. The guys at DS previously told me not to buy Ten-Speed pouches as they figured it wouldn’t hold up to my Airsoft usage – but it was affordable enough and I wanted to try it out as a slick pouch that will stay out of the way when I’m not using it. Time will tell, I guess.


No snaps on the webbing closures – just a bit of weaving around and attaching velcro to velcro. Simple, low profile and held up to one day of use thus far.


Shock cord

Amoung many other planned and unplanned uses alike, I first put this little bundle of shock cord to use to rig up a new head band for my Smith Optics Boogie Regulators.

Yes, the elastic strap that I disliked so much finally failed… well, the strap did not actually fail, rather the injection-moulded plastic tri-glide-esque hardware bit broke.


Two equal parts shock cord, four knots total, one DIY strap (nearly) complete.


I have yet to actually test this to any more extent than wearing it over my helmet in my living room… but the concept is there. Two knots pull against each other by elastic tension of the shock cord itself – it took a bit to actually get the distances between the goggles and knots worked out, but I think I’ve got it right now.


The second pair of knots is spaced a little tighter together – this will allow me to wear my Boogie Regulators when I’m not wearing a helmet. Honestly, I’m not convinced that this is the most secure of methods for wearing eye pro as of yet – but I’m still working on getting a low profile, custom-sized, elastic head strap worked out for utilizing my Boogie Regulators on my face, no matter what I’m wearing on my head.


Shock cord is something I like to keep a small amount of in my gear repair kit at all times. I rarely actually use it, but it does come in handy when I’m trying to rig something custom (involving knots) up that can’t be done with paracord.


5 responses to “Haul: DS Tactical

  • Emre

    Hi Juicy,

    I have been following your blog for a while now, reading all of your gear posts and what not, and I was wondering if I could get some advice. I’m getting more serious into airsoft, and have some big orders planned (I’m picking up a Masada SV and some quality camo), but I’m on the fence with gear. I know most people say to go with Flyye or Pantac or realsteel, but TMC has some crazy good prices for their products and I could easily complete my loadout with the money I have with just one order of TMC gear. Since you have used both TMC and better quality gear extensively, I was wondering which path you would recommend. (Also, I will be purchasing khaki gear as much as possible, but khaki has been difficult to find by Flyye or real steel companies.)

    Thanks in advance,

    • juicy


      I don’t recommend TMC items over Flyye items if you can find a model from each company that clones the same item. Flyye materials and construction are definitely superior to TMC in all the products I’ve owned. If at all possible, I purchase Flyye gear, provided that the sizes, colours and accuracy of the repro item matches what I’m looking for.

      Now, depending where you live, if real gear is available, that may be a better option for you.

      I purchase clone gear so I can (a) build multiple rigs without overspending the money I make, and (b) to test potentially awesome gear to see if its worth purchasing from the real company that produces the item. I can be quite picky with my gear and this often results in me trading for/buying an alternative solution within the first few months of ownership (many of these items are often overlooked during my writing on Overhoppers). If you already know exactly what you want, I’d suggest just purchasing the real deal, especially if you have a local store that can offer warranty service either through them or through the manufacturer.

      I’m personally not as much of a fan of Pantac gear – I find that their quality is not quite as good for the higher price that you pay, in comparison to Flyye. There are a few Pantac pouches that Flyye doesn’t offer, or that Pantac offers with slightly more details/usefulness – and these are often the things I used and keep. Flyye CB and Khaki more closely match Eagle CB and MJK anyway; this is better for achieving the “look” for impressions.

      It really depends what you’re looking for and what you’re intending to use it for.

      Hope that helps in some way or another,

  • Umarex MP7 & Rig | Overhoppers

    […] that this photo is something I’m reusing from my previous post, Haul: DS Tactical, which showcased my new BFG Ten Speed Triple M4 Pouch, hence the Blue Force Gear cardboard […]

  • Emre


    I’ve given it some thought, and I’ve decided that I’ll be going with a Flyye 6094 or FAPC Gen 2 for a vest. Seeing as the vest is what all of my pouches will be attached to and will be carrying a lot of weight, it makes sense to get something quality. I do have a follow up question, though: how well does TMC khaki match up to Flyye? If it’s close, I’ll most likely be mixing a assortment of Flyye, real steal, and TMC pouches.

    Thanks for your help so far man!

    • juicy

      Flyye khaki and TMC khaki are pretty close. That being said, Flyye has a slight yellow tint as compared to the TMC, the TMC has a slight green tint as compared to the Flyye – depending on the light conditions you’re looking at the pouch in… At least, that’s the way these two pouches that I’m looking at right now appear to my eyes.

      Honestly though, I don’t own very many Flyye pouches in khaki – more TMC, Eagle or Pantac. Most of my Flyye bits are in coyote brown.

      The MOLLE webbing straps on many TMC pouches don’t fit very tightly with any other MOLLE webbing out there (including TMC). They can be sewn onto the pouch with excess material that usually hangs out the top of the pouch, or the space between the rows and/or columns can be too tight. If you’re buying TMC, pay careful attention to the product photos for the smaller details. A tightly weaved pouch flops around much less, as compared to a loose one or one that can’t be attached properly due to off-spec webbing.

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