Umarex MP7 & Rig

I recently got my extra Umarex (KWA) MP7A1 GBB magazines in through work; 4+1 40rd magazines is a nice amount of ammo for a few run-and-gun games.

As demonstrated in this video clip below, taken with my Contour (oh yeah, that’s up and running again, after I received 2 packages – 2x what I ordered – in the mail from Contour, containing replacement lenses for the ROAM2), 1 x 40-round magazine is all that I need to kill Colby.

My Umarex/KWA MP7 is set up as follows:

  • Pro&T Functional PEQ-15 (DE) – Green Laser
  • ACM T-1 Red Dot with Larue-style QD Mount
  • Element M600C equipped with pressure switch, mounted on TSC Gear Sector Offset Scout Light Mount
  • MIC MP7A1 Suppressor with Steel Flash Hider
  • Umarex/KWA MP7 40-round Magazine


Also pictured above is Jetlag’s back-up/parts gun Umarex MP7 that I yet to fix for him.

My WIP MP7 rig is as follows:

  • TMC 6094 Slick (Multicam) back panel
  • Flyye 6094A (AOR1) front panel
  • TMC MP7 Magazine Insert (Khaki)
  • Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed M4 3 Mag (Multicam)
  • Toy Soldier Velcro Tourniquet Holder


Note that this photo is something I’m reusing from my previous post, Haul: DS Tactical, which showcased my new BFG Ten Speed Triple M4 Pouch, hence the Blue Force Gear cardboard backer.

This rig is pending some changes, notably an addition of a radio pouch and hydration carrier.

Recent additions to my MP7 and related kit include the Emerson MP7 Sling and the TMC MP7 Inner Magazine Pouch for 6094.

A brief review of each of these new bits after the break.

The Emerson MP7 Sling is a sling loop that ties onto the impossibly small integrated MP7 sling loops. This new attachment allows easy attachment of various sling hooks. As compared to Jetlag’s MP7 sling attachment system involving a piece of paracord with knots tied on other end, my single point sling hook no long gets in the way of my manipulation of the charging handle.


Emerson sling mount itself is built out of a plastic loop with a sewn-on piece of nylon affixing a thin bit of string – the string can be looped through the MP7 integrated sling loops. The string is pretty thin, I do have minor concerns about it eventually fraying and breaking off.


The other acquisition I got in the mail is the TMC MP7 Inner Pouch for 6094 (Khaki). This is a 4-mag insert with velcro, cloned off the LBT design that fits inside plate carrier kangaroo pockets.


Nylon dividers run the vertically in the pouch, but only as tall as the velcro panels that are mounted on the outside of the pouch. This can result in mags pivoting side to side within the pouch if it is not fully loaded – but I didn’t really have an issue with this on the field, especially since the pouch was installed into the kangaroo pocket of Jester’s Flyye 6094A front-half that I’ve been borrowing. This is a trait cloned from the real LBT mag inserts, and it was nothing more than a minor annoyance when I was playing with this pouch partially loaded, outside of a kangaroo pocket.


In typical TMC fashion, not everything is perfect. The spacing between the nylon dividers is not exactly the same length – though each slot does have enough clearance for the Umarex MP7 magazines that I’m using this pouch for.


The knots tying the shock cord retention tabs in a manner that is supposed to secure the bungee to the pouch seemed a little weak. I redid them with two simple knots, one over the other, and the resulting bundle of shock cord seems big enough to prevent it from slipping through the grommet in the pouch. I’m not counting this as a fault of TMC – this is easily remedied by tying the new knots by yourself.


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