News: Flyye Swift Plate Carrier

Something about this new release from Flyye Industries, the “Flyye Swift Plate Carrier,” loosely resembles a Crye JPC (“Jumpable Plate Carrier”), with features like distinctive shoulder strap shape and different material, integrated mag pouches in kangaroo pouch, integrated admin pouch on front of chest, and the skeletal cummerbund… but then again, it doesn’t.

I mean… a Crye JPC in M or L has 3 mag pouches (the Flyye has 4). And the Skeletal cummerbund has 3 rows; there seem to be a few too many columns of MOLLE (4 to be exactly), and a few too many rows on the back (7), as well. Is Flyye that incapable of counting things they way they appear in person and/or in pictures?

I mean, they did pay lots of attention to the finer details (the placement of mesh, velcro and buckles), but the distinctive characteristics that make a JPC specifically a JPC were changed here. What’s the point of replicating a Crye JPC here if you’re not actually reproducing the real deal?

I am going to speculate here that Flyye is either afraid of getting sued by Crye… or they are just doing things in that stereotypical Chinese clone manner in which things are made to loosely resemble what they’re copying.

Either way, I find this pretty hilarious.

Edit 24/07/2013: I noticed that there was lots of negative feedback about the Flyye Swift Plate Carrier all over the internet where people discuss these things. It appears as if Flyye has removed their photos of the original Swift Plate Carrier and changed them to a more accurate JPC clone (pictured below is Flyye’s small plate carrier, judging by the product code: FY-VT-M028-S). Huzzah!

Product: FLYYE Swift Plate Carrier
  Colour: Avaliable in 7 tactical colors
  Weight: 0g
  Product Code: FY-VT-M028-S
  Status: PreOrder
  Price: Please Enquire(

3 responses to “News: Flyye Swift Plate Carrier

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  • Jos

    Flyye uses a different sizing system than real deal manufacturiers

    Whereas eagle lbt etc. Size their pc’s based on the size of the plate.
    L/xl means that the pc accepts l/xl plates etc.

    Flyye sizes products by adding molle.
    Flyyes Small pc’s are similar to an s/m real deal plate carrier. After That each size up has added horizontally placed molle so the pc becomes wider.
    And the bigger sizes also add molle in length.

    All in all flyye sizes their stuff more like clothing i guess.

    • juicy

      Good point – Flyye sizing isn’t the same as one would expect from US made plate carriers (sized to plate). From photos I’ve seen, I’m not sure if the addition of extra MOLLE for larger sizes is the case on the Swift model, though.

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