Bellator Entertainment Game Day Footage: July 14th, 2013

Fox Company member Aries and I defend one of three bridges in an Attack and Defend game during last Sunday’s Bellator Entertainment game day. Full credit to Aries and his GoPro for the above footage!

Some close calls towards the end, when time started running out and they made a push towards our bridge. That jammed mag at 9:45 didn’t help things either. Some good teamwork and awesome medical support from Rangers member Ender won the day, though. Communication between the three of us was top notch, which helps a ton when you’re outnumbered. The random background communication between other members on our team was hilarious. I think you can even hear Juicy at some points, who was all the way on the other side of the fort (but then again you can hear him from anywhere, really).

(Yay sub 3 second reloads! Practice makes perfect.)

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