VFC Scar H: From one Bro to another

VFC Scar H

VFC Scar H

So as I said in my last post I acquired Dizzy’s Scar H through our mutual friend Jester.

I had been looking to pick up a new AEG this summer with the Scar H being high on the list. The build and design of the VFC Scar H is amazing, the externals on the gun are second to none and breaking down the gun is simple.

So as Dizzy discussed earlier in his posts, his Scar H had been experiencing feeding issues. BBs wouldn’t feed or BBs would feed with extremely low FPS. After some tinkering I believe I may have discovered where the issue lies. A lot of posts on the internet pointed towards the hop up unit, however even with different bucking setups I found the issue still persisted.

What I found is that within the gun, there is a spacer between the hop up unit and the gearbox, the black shell component in the picture below. The air nozzle runs through the spacer to the hop up unit, feeding the BBs.

Spacer Unit

Spacer Unit

This spacer is simply held in place by a single screw visible from the magwell (pictured below).

Inside the magwell.

Inside the magwell – spacer screwed right below the feeding nozzle

What I found is that this screw loves to come loose. When the screw becomes too loose, it extrudes into the magwell, causing mags to not fully seat. On the flip side, if this screw is tightened too much what occurs is that the spacer begins to put pressure on the air nozzle. Through testing I found it will put enough pressure to prevent the air nozzle from moving when the gearbox cycles. This I found was a major source of misfeeds and the drops in FPS.

After testing it for an hour, when the spacer is in its sweet spot the gun fires flawlessly with no issues. However if loosened or tightened, the issues immediately return. Tomorrow I’ll be testing this out on the field to verify, but if you’re having FPS or feeding issues with the Scar H give this fix a try.

** Added July 22 **

So after a gameday of playing with the Scar H, the black spacer block is definitely the source of the misfeeding/fps issues. Prior to the gameday  I went on the field to zero in my gun and ran into the issues. I simply tightened the screw and the gun shot perfectly for the rest of the day.

My plan is to utilize o-rings or washers to get the appropriate amount of tension on the block so I don’t need to fine tune it every weekend.


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