Parts, Parts, Parts



So last week I picked up a bunch of parts for upgrades, maintenance and to hold in reserve. .

First off, I recently acquired Dizzy’s old VFC Scar H through our mutual friend Jester (Ivan), a great gun which I’ve been looking to pick up for a while.  The VFC Scar has a series of proprietary parts namely it’s hop up unit and air nozzles, so I went ahead and ordered two extra hop up units from WGC shop and picked up an air nozzle at Airsoft Gear in Richmond. The VFC build and design is amazing, but I don’t want to be stuck months or years down the road trying to find the parts if they get discontinued.

Additionally I picked up a GP1000 high torque motor for the Scar H, a brand I had never heard of. However after installing it on the Scar H I was fairly surprised. I’ve used Guarder and SHS high torques previously, but the trigger response I get out of the GP1000 is one of the best I’ve seen in a gun.

Next up are the maintenance parts, V2 Spring Guide, AK air nozzle and a guarder piston head. The spring guide I picked up is being installed in my King Arms M4… Because I somehow lost the last one while doing repairs.

The AK air nozzle and guarder piston head are being installed on my Echo1 Wolverine. I have done minimal upgrades to my AK  (hop up, barrel and motor) and it has gone through hell. However despite neglect it’s been one of the most reliable and effective airsoft guns in my arsenal. So I’ve decided to show it some love and start replacing some of its compression system to keep it effective.

From left to right: Echo 1 Wolverine, King Arms m4 and VFC Scar H

From left to right: Echo 1 Wolverine, King Arms m4 and VFC Scar H


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