Review: MAG Magazine Springs for PTW (Strong)

Got PTW mags that are just too stubborn to feed anything heavier than a 0.25g reliably, without chopping? Solution – buy the MAG Replacement Magazine Springs for Systema PTW (Strong Type).

Read on for my review and some related musings after the break.

Included in the MAG Replacement Magazine Springs packages are 5 sets of 2 magazine follower springs, which are enough to fix up 5 Systema PTW magazines. Nothing else is included, though for an average price of $11-14 USD as advertised at a number of Hong Kong airsoft stores online, this seems well worth it to me. I picked up my MAG Magazine Springs for PTW from Airsoft Global while on sale. Installation is simple (if you know how to work with the Systema mags); I do recommend cleaning out your mags while you’re at it, especially if you’re upgrading your follower springs because they were causing chops previously – many of those little bits of chopped up BB’s find their way into your magazines and may cause the follower parts to stick.

I do find that the MAG springs result in very high follower spring tension when freshly installed – very good for feeding of really heavy weight BB’s, though I’ve honestly never thoroughly tested anything heavier than Action Army and Calibre Six 0.30g BB’s myself in my PTW (Action Army 0.30’s were far superior in terms of performance, as the consistency of the BB is something that the already-consistent Systema PTW platform can really take full advantage of). After a couple thousand rounds through your upgraded magazines, the follower spring tension does seem to drop off. That being said, the tension that these broken-in MAG follower springs exerts is still more than enough to reliably feed 0.30g ammo – zero chops anymore, at least none due to the follower spring being too weak.

After installing mine in the late April 2013 (and thousands of rounds loaded and shot since then), these MAG magazine follower springs are still holding up fine. As mentioned previously, spring tension is a little lower than they were when first installed, though functionally they are still working flawlessly.

These springs are unlikely to have as good of a result in the PTS PMAG for PTW as the PTS magazines have a single follower spring, rather than 2. I find that the PTS PMAGs will reliably feed 0.28g or lighter – I’ve had chopping issues with 2/4 of the PTS PMAGs that I purchased from work (though MILSIG does not advertise these online) when running 0.30g ammo. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend the PTS PMAGs to shooters running ammo heavier than 0.30g – results are likely to be unreliable. The only benefits I see out of these are weight savings, lower cost, and attached follower/follower spring (as compared to Systema HW mags).

If you have little to no idea of how to disassemble your Systema PTW mags, do refer to the following 2 video clips I’ve used as a reference to disassembling/reassembling my Systema PTW  HW mags:

Great commentary of what to do and how to do it – too bad this video isn’t in HD (harder to see small pieces clearly):

See disassembly of a PMAG with Systema-looking internals in HD:


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