I just caught wind of an upcoming VGC product via Facebook – a “New Jerk PC” in AOR1. This looks much better than how the Flyye offering will likely turn out (mentioned previously here).

Materials look very good, they remind me of those on Drift’s Crye JPC (size medium, Multicam) – though not an exact match from looking at photos, they look much better than what the TMC, Emerson and the newly announced Flyye replicas offer.

The real NJPC’s distinguishing feature is the closed-top lids on top of the integrated mag pouches. These flaps do cover up an extra row of MOLLE, leaving one row exposed. VGC’s current photograph featuring their pre-production NJPC has flaps that are a tad too long – this has been pointed out by a few people on VGC’s Facebook page already.

VGC posted this second photo with the following description:

VGC new product 2.0 ” AOR1 NEW JERK PC”

**preproduction sample only**
***Molle and ribbon color will be fine tune***

((Coming before fall 2013))

It does look very good, I think I’ll wait for one of these instead of a Flyye 6094 in their semi-believable AOR1 pattern. Honestly, I’m not too comfortable with a 6094A design. Same goes with the 6094B. Only reason why I like them is the integrated mag/radio pouches in the cummerbund and the large, velcro-lined kangaroo pouch.

Though I have not yet fully tested a JPC, I really do think that I would enjoy using a JPC way more. That being said, I prefer wearing size large plates, so here’s hoping that VGC produces their NJPC in large! (The sizing of their AOR2 6094 Type A has some conflicting information out there on the internet, though Spartan.AT’s review does state even though the VGCxFFI 6094 is supposed to be a medium due to the “A” designation, medium plates are a bit loose and that there is probably enough space for a large.)

The VGCxFFI AOR2 pattern I own in my Combat Set looks quite similar to the real deal (with the exception of the black pixels being really, really black), so I would hope that VGC’s AOR1 pattern would have the same sort of repro accuracy. The photos lead me to believe so, at least.

Update: JK Army has these available for pre-order for $135 USD ($145 retail price with $10 discount for pre-order ETA Sept-Oct 2013). Note that the material is 500D as per the product description.

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