News: Magpul PTS RM4 ERG Series


According to an article on Popular Airsoft, Magpul PTS will soon release its new PTS RM4 ERG (Electric Recoil Gun) system in August.

This is the first time I’ve heard of it, but the RM4 seems to be Magpul PTS’s version of the Tokyo Marui Next-Gen AEG platform, with a recoil/shock system and a functioning bolt catch that locks the gearbox on an empty magazine.  It appears that the RM4 will be “co-distributed” by KWA, although whether this means KWA is in fact the OEM for this is unclear.

The most significant difference between the RM4 and the Tokyo Marui Next-Gen AEG is the ability of the RM4 to take normal AEG magazines, unlike the Next-Gen TM which only accepts Next-Gen TM magazines without an adaptor. Using normal AEG magazines will, however, not enable the functioning bolt catch, which is to be expected. The magazines themselves seem to operate the functioning bolt catch differently as well, operating with what appears to be an elongated follower that somehow locks the gearbox, presumably through the hop chamber? Interesting. It’s certainly different from the lever mounted in the rear of the Next-Gen TM and PTW magazines.

I presume (though I could be wrong) that the “shock” will come from a weight moving back and forth in the buffer tube, similar to the TM design.

Still unknown at this point how much of the gearbox is proprietary (I’m presuming most of it will be, since most of the TM gearbox is proprietary). I’m hoping Magpul PTS has found a way to keep most of it V2 compatible, but I presume time will tell. Otherwise, this is another new platform and another new attempt to move airsoft technology forward, which is always a good thing in my book.


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