Magpul PTS Masada vs. Bushmaster ACR

A customer came in at work after hours today to show us (Jasper and I) this beauty. He shared with us some of the details and procedures about the real ACR that I have done my best to remember and add after the break.

Which one is the Magpul PTS Masada ACR AEG? Which one is the Bushmaster ACR? Its all in the details…


I’ve taped over the serial number of the ACR owner’s gun. For fun, I did the same to the PTS Masada on the same place where that serial number is on the real ACR.


I’ll give you a few hints – the real ACR is an non-restricted firearm as per Canadian firearm rules. It does not have any prohibited parts (like a suppressor). It is illegal for civilians in Canada to own firearms that are capable of full-auto fire.
Honestly, PTS did a really good job with the Masada AEG – overall dimensions and texture of materials feels spot on. Weight is slightly more front heavy on the real ACR, thanks to the longer, match barrel that this user has. Pistol grip is slightly fatter on the PTS Masada, as a result of having to fit a motor inside the pistol grip. Other than that…

Enough of my thoughts – do you want to take a look at the inner workings of a real ACR? Pictures after the break… and bonus intel about something new that relates to the Masada/ACR in Airsoft at the very bottom.

First off, the owner of the real ACR showed us a few parts for his real G36 – namely, the bolt and bolt carrier. Design of the ACR bolt carrier group is very similar to that found in the G36.



This G36 bolt that was shown to us was in fact a decommissioned G36, which had probably seen hundreds of thousands of rounds before being destroyed. The finish is still in excellent condition, and the H&K eagle is still clearly visible.


Take-down of the ACR is completely tool-less, right down to the bolt. Some parts may require the tip of a .223/5.56 round to push pins out.





The owner of the ACR brought up a good point for real-world military application; even though a user-replaceable quick-change barrel design can result in a MOA or two shift, allowing the operator to service their own gun quickly and easily is a much more valuable feature for field usage, especially since regular access to an armorer can be tough.



Adjustable piston design allows for 180-degree rotation of this key to go from a slightly larger port to a slightly smaller port, for usage with suppressors. “U” for unsuppressed, “S” designates suppressed.


Bolt carrier group removed from upper receiver.


Further disassembly of the bolt carrier can be easily done with assistance from the tip of a .223/5.56 round, in order to push this cross pin out.


Removal of the spring guide is done by pushing the guide forward of the bolt, enough to clear the notch that the retaining pin sits in, and rotating the guide 45 degrees. Clever design that requires no tools for diassembly.


Lower receiver: note the slightly slimmer pistol grip than what is found on the Magpul PTS Masada AEG.


Shown here is the upper receiver. The upper is legally the whole gun in Canada, as it is the only part of the ACR with a serial number on it.




Fun fact: I’ve caught wind that a well-known Airsoft gun manufacturer (known for their GBB guns) may be producing a GBBR Masada/ACR very soon… I can’t say much more than that at this point in time.


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