Maple Leaf Hop Up Bucking for AEG

I ordered the Maple Leaf “Monster” 70-degree Hop Up Bucking Set for my CA SA58 (look-alike FAL) just over a month ago. After installation and some testing, I feel like I can offer some critique on this chamber packing set.


Installation was just as simple as any other bucking onto the Guarder 6.02 Interchange tight bore barrel and into the stock Classic Army hop up chamber. Both the rubber and the nub were drop in fits. I’ve since had an increase of maximum range of 20-30 feet on the same set up and ammo (I was using a Systema bucking and Guarder hard nub), and my effective range was markedly increased.

More on my thoughts and findings on this bucking after the break.

Do note that the lip on the hop bucking is noticeably longer and thinner. Theoretically, this style of lip won’t seal perfectly with all shapes of air nozzles, though I just dropped it into my CA SA58 and hoped for the best. (Thanks go to Jasper for explaining the reasoning behind different shapes of hop rubber lips and of air nozzle tips to me months ago.) The other feature of this bucking reminds me of the PDI W Hold with the undersized sleeve to allow for integration of fins that actually seal up inside the hop up chamber.


Note that the nub resembles a cut-down flat hop nub – length is cut to match the hop up mound inside the Maple Leaf bucking. This style of nub is most effective with elongated hop up patches, such as those found in flat hop mods, R Hop mods (and R Hop derivatives), A Plus “Devil,” etc. The nub has a slight concave shape to the bottom of it – think of the concave shape on the Shredder’s Concave Spacer (or SCS) for an idea of what I’m talking about – though the the degree of the arc is to a much lesser extent. Of course, this all means that this nub is designed to work well with the slightly elongated hop mound found inside the Maple Leaf bucking.

The hop up patch inside the “Monster” bucking is only slightly elongated, though clearly not to the same extent as the A Plus Gen 1 and Gen 2. The contact point does taper off at the tail end of the mound – the reasoning for this is not yet entirely clear to me, though I would assume that there’s some theory behind this on how the BB gets centered on the patch… or something like that (honestly, I’m not sure).


Unlike the A Plus Studios “Devil” Gen 1 and Gen 2 hop up buckings, which require enlarging of most inner barrels on the market, the Maple Leaf “Monster” bucking is a drop-in fit to barrels with smaller hop up windows, like the Guarder 6.02 Interchange that I’ve used in my gun. (That being said, the A Plus prototype Gen 3 that I’ve gotten through work as a tester is designed to work without modification to the hop up window on inner barrels – too bad that it doesn’t allow feeding at all in the guns Jasper and I have since tested it with.)

On that note, feeding seems to be much improved in the Maple Leaf “Monster,” over the thicker lip found on the A Plus “Devil” Gen 2 bucking, which has been noted to cause the occasional jam when shooting in full auto. Very good for full-auto guns, like what my CA SA58 has become for me.

Though I haven’t actually had a chance to sit down and estimate effective range on either hop up set-up yet (without lobbing), I was surprised to be scoring hits at somewhere around 200 ft, while shooting 0.28g Tier One ammo this past weekend. Other than the change in hop up bucking and nub and running 0.28g Tier One, over 0.25g BLS/Calibre Six or Tamashi Bio, I am still running the same set up as before; prior to installing the “Monster” hop up set and while running 0.25g, I was more limited at a maximum range of about 160 ft. Further testing is required to get a more accurate assessment of how far my CA SA58 can actually reach now – both effective range (as per my own standard) and maximum range… without lobbing, as I now have trained myself to hold higher for longer range targets to allow for lobbing with this gun.

For reference, I’m running my Classic Army V3 SA58 at approximately 360 FPS on a 0.20g BB +/- 8 FPS (or so) – definitely not the best gearbox build I’ve done, but it works and I don’t really care enough about how consistent is so long as it continues to shoot.

As noted by Jetlag while borrowing my SA58 build last Sunday, my gun probably does need cleaning. I’m sure I may see slightly more consistent long-range results with a clean hop up/barrel and freshly greased gearbox. It sees an average of 6000-8000 rounds per game day, and I haven’t opened up the hop up chamber since installing the Maple Leaf bucking 3 game days with this gun ago, nor have I maintained the gearbox since I got it up and running reliably after purchasing it.

I do plan to do some additional testing with lighter and heavier weights of ammo – I’ve yet to do so with the Maple Leaf “Monster” Hop Up Bucking Set installed, and I am somewhat unsure what the results may be, due to my unfamiliarity of this style and shape of both the bucking and the nub in practice.

2 responses to “Maple Leaf Hop Up Bucking for AEG

  • Goggles

    Hmm… this could be an interesting setup to try in my Thompson when I get around to beefing it up. Thanks for the review Juicy!

  • Loops

    Damn you Juicy for letting the cat out of the bag. After installing this in a low fps AK that was shooting 320 fps and seeing how far and straight it shot I ordered seven more to install into most my other AEG’s.

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