Repaired and Restored: King Arms M4

Repaired and restored, my M4 is off the bench and ready for play.

Repaired and restored, my M4 is off the bench and ready for play.

If there is one thing you can always count on with airsoft guns, it is that eventually at some point they will breakdown and need repairs. It’s the most disappointing and frustrating moment to be playing and have one of your favourite guns go down. However after some TLC once that gun is up and running there is no better feeling. Below I discuss one of my favourite primaries, my King Arms M4, and talk about its upgrade path and the recent issues I had run into with it.

I picked up this AEG last October from Revolution Airsoft. Having spoken to Dizzy, Juicy and many other airsofters I was told this was a great platform to upgrade and run. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and price of the gun. Externally the metal receiver and trades made it an awesome platform to build off of, however internally it could be improved.

King Arms M4 Carbine

Over the course of the next few months the gun would go from its originally state (pictured above) to what you see below.

King Arms M4 - Modified - Aug 10

Internally the entire gun was overhauled from hop up to gearbox.

  • I kept the King Arms stock hop up unit however a Prommy purple bucking and nub and a Guarder tightbore barrel we’re installed.
  • The stock motor was replaced with a Guarder high torque motor for better trigger response.
  • The gun was rear wired to the butt stock
  • Inside the gearbox all components were upgraded with Guarder parts except for the gears and the cylinder, quite literately everything was tossed out.

As a result performance went up significantly in every aspect, range, accuracy, trigger response and rate of fire. With all these upgrades in it went from a decent starter gun, to a competitive AEG.

The externals also saw a major overhaul over those next few months.

  • A Magpul crane stock was added for rear battery space and ergonomics.
  • A VFC Knights Armament 12.5 inch URX rail system was installed with the help of Jester, a heatgun and a dremel over the course of two nights. I don’t know what King Arms uses, but those delta rings are a pain in the ass to get off.
  • The front post sights were removed and flip up front and rear sights were added.
  • A Magpul PTS AFG was added alongside a Aimpoint T-1 red dot sight (not pictured above).

The gun truly had been completely overhauled and customized to my liking and since its upgrades last year I have seen relatively few issues with the gun, it has run perfectly.

King Arms M4

Recently however I had run into a series of issues with the wiring of the gun, specifically to the connection to the motor. I’m not great at electrical work on AEGs so it took a while for me to figure out what the issue was and finally take it in to get some supervised assistance.

Seeking some help I had Optix at Airsoft Gear in Richmond give me a hand resoldering the wires, only to find I had another issue. The trigger sled of the trigger switch had seen significant wear over time, portions of the sled had actually melted either from heat or electricity arcing away from the contacts. As a result the gun would not fire in semi-auto because it did not properly make connection with the trigger contacts.

After two hours of work with Optix’s help and supervision my gun was up and running again. The wiring to the motor was replaced and resoldered and the trigger sled was replaced as well. After almost a month of the gun sitting in my closet, it’s now back to the field where that gun belongs.


2 responses to “Repaired and Restored: King Arms M4

  • Tristan "Noclip" Wong

    I know that feeling Luke–glad to see the gun is back in action, hopefully shooting like it was after you did the overhaul.

    • tak

      Thanks Tris, I haven’t done a range test on it yet but I’ll be testing it out soon. At the very least, the electrical issues are dealt with.

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