Operation Iceback Prep: Guns

Top to Bottom: Systema PTW Mk.12 Mod 1 SPR, LCT AK-104, TM Glock 17

Top to Bottom: Systema PTW Mk.12 Mod 1 SPR, LCT AK-104, TM Glock 17

With Operation: Iceback quickly approaching, I figured that I should probably start hammering down my guns and gear loadouts. Above is a pic of the guns I’ll be taking with me to Iceback.  After the break is a quick rundown on each gun and why I’m taking it with me to Golden.

  • Systema PTW (Mk.12 Mod 1 SPR)
    There’s no doubt whatsoever in my mind that I was going to be relying on my PTW as my primary for Iceback. Despite the mechanical problems with the platform (and there have been several expensive ones) it is still by far my best performing AEG. The real problem is with what combination of upper receiver, inner barrel, and optic I would be taking with me.

    In the end I settled on my Mk.12 SPR upper, as it is obviously set up for long range engagements and given the size of the AO long range engagements will probably be very common. In addition, the long-range optic (a Leupold replica) will be perfect for spotting troop movements and such – as one of the COs for our side it’s important that I be able to have long range spotting capabilities.

    The SPR upper with the Vanaras inner barrel performs adequately, but I’m thinking it could still shoot better with an actual DMR cylinder (my only cylinder is shooting only 390-400 fps at the moment). I’ll have to borrow a spare one from someone in FTB to see if shooting at DMR speeds will make a measurable difference. I may or may not be experimenting with my SOPMOD Block II upper and the VisionKing short dot replica that’s currently on my KJW GBBR – I’ll take it out this weekend and see how it shoots. For now, the SPR will be my selection.

    My only concern with taking the SPR upper is the weight/length of the gun in this setup. Given that I’ll likely be humping a heavy third-line pack, the weight might slow me down over the course of the day. I’ll just have to suck it up, I guess, because the benefits of this platform far outweigh the cost in weight.

    FTB won’t be doing any type of impression for the sim, but I guess it’s worth noting that the SPR also has the advantage of being kind of kosher for this type of op, as far as real-world ops go. Marcus Luttrell mentions several times in Lone Survivor that he carried an SPR on that mission (and Mark Wahlberg, who plays Luttrell in the movie adaptation, also carries one), so I suppose the SPR would be the choice of real-world operators too.

  • LCT AK-104
    The PTW is great and all, but sometimes you just want an AEG that works 100% of the time you pull the trigger – for me, that AEG is my LCT AK-104. My love for this thing has been well documented in these pages, I’m sure. This thing has respectable range, amazing accuracy, and above all, a reliability rating of over 9000.

    The AK will likely be my secondary AEG that I’ll leave back at base in case my PTW goes down. Alternatively, I may also decide to voluntarily switch to it in case I foresee any need for full-auto fire in medium/close range engagements. I’ll likely also use it for any night sims/CQB games that the organizers are running apart from the actual sim itself.

  • TM Glock 17
    As we all know I’m not really a fan of sidearms, but I can’t deny the fact that everyone should carry one, particularly for CQB environments when my potentially hot shooting SPR can’t be used.

    My TM Glock 17 is by far my best shooting pistol, with range and accuracy that rivals some of my AEGs. Full credit goes to Juicy, who built the thing from the ground up. I had some initial problems with the gun when I first picked it up from him that made me semi-regret my purchase, but the issues have since been ironed out and it’s quickly becoming my favourite sidearm. This one is a bit of a no-brainer.

Thoughts on these guns? Should I go with a different upper/optic combination for my PTW? Comments welcome.


7 responses to “Operation Iceback Prep: Guns

  • tak

    One minor thing to consider is compatibility with your teammates ammo supply.

    If you run out of ammo for your PTW out in the field, will the rest of FTB be running PTWs so you can potentially share mags with one another?

  • dizzy

    I’ve always thought mag compatibility is overrated, but for what it’s worth three (possibly four) of the five of us will be running PTWs so mag compatibility won’t be much of an issue. My understanding is that we’ll also be running the same BBs, so that won’t be a factor either.

    It’s a legitimate concern, but I personally feel like mag compatibility is something that will only concern you 5% of the time (if at all). I don’t think anyone should compromise their effectiveness for the remaining 95% by using a less than optimal AEG just so they can be “mag compatible”.

    On an unrelated note, have you found out if you’ll be joining us at the sim or not?

    • tak

      I’d agree with you guys that mag compatibility is a minor consideration. I only bring it up because I ran into the exact issue at a small night sim a week or two ago. It was close to the end of the sim and we were incredibly close to our objective, when my teammate ran out of ammo. I had a Scar, he had an HK416, so we were shit out of luck.

      As for attending Iceback, I’m definitely out because of work. We’re lacking staffing for my project so I’m taking on the bulk of responsibilities until we can get people in.

      If you guys need anything for the sim give me a ring though.

  • lupo

    Your SPR setup looks like a logical choice for the op. I would agree that mag compatibility is overrated.I don’t recall ever having to go to a teammate for mags during an op. I recently took the bipod off of mine to lighten it up a bit and found it did reduce fatigue. Tough call on velocity the added bump to dmr velocity will limit you if you need to fight inside the buildings and isn’t going to give you a massive increase in usable range.

    • dizzy

      Thanks for your thoughts Lupo. I’ve been considering removing the bipod as well, but I may leave it on for the first couple of hours and then see how I fare. If it ends up being too heavy I’ll remove it and toss it in my pack.

      That’s a good point re: added velocity. I also just found out that the fps limit for Iceback is 420 on .20s, and considering I currently shoot around 400fps I don’t think the extra fps will result in any sort of performance increase. I guess I’ll be sticking with the current cylinder.

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