Afternoon Patrol at Op. Iceback

Fireteam Bro (all 5 of us together: “Dizzy,” “Jester,” “Jetlag,” “Loops,” and me) on an afternoon patrol from team Op-For’s HQ to FOB 3 during Operation Iceback in Golden, BC.

Though relatively uneventful, this is the substance of what my idea of Mil-Sim is; I’m already looking forward to the next event that I get to play that offers me the same simulation aspect that I so enjoy.

I captured the last few drops of rain that I got to see on Saturday, August 24th during my time on the field. Throughout the morning, we had been rained on on and off at FOB 3 with no overhead cover to hide under (this is the main reason why I did not continue to use my PTW as planned throughout the day).

View from my Contour planted on a berm at FOB 3. This is the panoramic view we got to look at from FOB 3 for most of the day – beautiful British Columbia.

From talking with “Loops” during the car ride home (I wish I had recorded some of our conversation then), I know he too shares the same yearning for a Military Simulation game as a more realistic simulation. After all, this is the closest we really ever will be to really being in the military. No constant and glorious Hollywood-style direct action missions, but rather mostly just following orders and doing boring patrols. Unfortunately, these run-and-gun action-movie-style scenarios are what most “Mil-Sim” games currently offer in Canada… here’s to hoping that something more to my liking is offered soon.

4 responses to “Afternoon Patrol at Op. Iceback

  • Goggles

    I second that Juicy. If only because I would like a change in pace from Hollywood Style shootouts at regular game-days here in Vancouver (though it does help grow the player base here).

    I don’t want run and gun to fully go away (it’s great stress relief), but having a little variation in game-days doesn’t hurt at all and am looking forward to these sorts of games coming back every now and again to break the monotony. It may not be some peoples ideal vision of fun, but it is a Military Simulation, and part of it is comes from “boring patrols” and endless hours of waiting for the next attack, something Iceback provided thankfully.

    Great footage brother like always! It seems that you had a more exciting job than I did. I was playing medic at FOB 2, just watching the mountain ranges appear and disappear behind the clouds. It was an amazing experience for a first major Milsim.

    • juicy

      I’m glad to hear that there are more Mil-Sim players out there… for years I’ve been told by many influential club Admins and business owners (past and present) that no one really wants to walk around for a field for many hours and not get to shoot. I know that I want this, and I’m sure others do as well. Its just something that needs to be said for those who aren’t aware of what my idea of a Mil-Sim is – everyone has their own opinions on the topic, ranging from pure run-and-gun, to ultra-realistic Mil-Sim that is on a level far beyond what I can ever achieve with my skills and capabilities.

      Agreed on the amazing scenery. There were moments that I nearly thought I had gone for a hike in the woods, not for a Mil-Sim. I’m very much looking forward to going to this field in Golden next time!

  • Jester

    Not gonna lie even in some “boring” patrol missions I still felt pretty awesome.

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