Morning Patrol at Op. Iceback

Morning patrol from my point of view on Op-For team, filmed on August 24, 2013. “Loops” on point, “Jetlag” in command, I was rear guard. “Jetlag” made the decision for us to go silent and off our radios (both Jetlag and I were not wearing headsets) as soon as we disembarked from the insertion by Jeep. We were to patrol the area around the road we inserted along: ISAF sniper teams and SF teams were reportedly roaming the area as per our driver “Sedin,” whom was also our team’s IC. Our patrol was tasked with sweeping the area, finding enemy forces, and marking their positions with orange smoke.

Mission success with no casualties to our patrol! Though… we did manage to completely wipe out a friendly Spetznaz team (wearing black shirts) whom was operating behind enemy lines and was not on comms with our team.

Pre-game jitters from “Jester,” and Eddie and Ali from DS Tactical:

“Loops” before the morning patrol. His opinion of how the day was going thus far was less than stellar until after our patrol… many thanks go to the antics of “Jetlag” waking him up at 5 AM.

And yes, my voice sounds funny. Blame the nasty cold that materialized that weekend.

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