Operation Iceback: Patrol Pic

epic picture is epic.

epic picture is epic – make sure you click on the pic to download in high-res goodness.

Above is by far my favorite picture from Operation: Iceback – perhaps my favorite airsoft picture that I’ve ever taken. I took it during Fireteam Bro’s afternoon patrol from the Mill (our HQ) to FOB 3 , as detailed in Juicy’s video below. Way out in front is our pointman Loops, followed by Juicy, Jester, Jetlag, and finally myself. I was rearguard, but I took a quick second to snap this pic before returning to watching my sector.

It really hammers home the size and especially the beauty of the AO. It was a gorgeous place to walk around and shoot plastic pellets at each other, even if we all did more of the former than the latter. For my first “big” milsim, I had a blast, “boring” patrols included.

This pic alone made the total 18 hours of driving worth it.

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