Counter-Attack at Operation Iceback

The final hour on Saturday at Golden, BC was filled with firefights. Lots of action, as the Op-For team had now realized that most of ISAF had more or less bugged out with the exception of one last enemy squad in Multicam operating from a mobile respawn location near the rear of our line. Op-For team responded with a heavy push to take their spawn point.

I expended most of my ammo during this time; I actually ended up reloading some of my mags at HQ during a lull in the action. As a result of the game admin Stu utilizing vehicles to support the remaining players in Multicam, Op-For team began to utilize vehicles to rapidly move shooters from various FOBs, which were used as both respawn and reloading locations.

Saturday’s game ended minutes after I got shot at the end of the footage. A cease fire was called due to building aggression between players on either team.


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