Loadout: Sept. 1st Bellator Entertainment Game Day

IMG_1770I know you’re all probably tired of the Operation: Iceback stuff we’ve been posting lately, so here’s something I haven’t posted in awhile: my loadout from this past Sunday’s Bellator Entertainment game day.

I wanted to rock a plate carrier as I’ve been rocking a chest rig for the past month or two of games (I love my 1961a), and so I settled on my Flyye AOR1 6094a/k. I eventually ended up with something vaguely resembling a SEAL loadout, with the exception of the 14.5″ RIS II (SEALs are more likely to rock a Mk18 RIS II, amirite?).

Anyway, more pics and a kitlist after the break.


Kitlist (head to toe)

  • Multicam boonie hat (finally found one in my size!)
  • Allwin AOR2 combat shirt, AOR1 pants
  • Flyye AOR1 6094a + 6094k front plate (w/ assorted Atwo, Britkit pouches)
  • Camelbak hydration bladder
  • Flyye duty belt w/ Pantac drop pouch, replica Blackhawk 226 Serpa
  • Mechanix original gloves
  • Oakley SI Assault Boots


  • SOPMOD Block II Systema PTW build
  • KWA M226 PTP

Altogether a very comfortable and functional loadout. It was my first time running a hydration bladder in a very long while as I usually prefer easier to use water bottles/canteens, but after using one at Iceback I realized it wasn’t so bad. Besides, I had a new hydro carrier on my 6094a and I figured I may as well use it for its intended purpose (as opposed to tossing a canteen in there).

My particular hydro bladder is the standard size and the hydro carrier is meant for more compact bladders, but I simply filled the bladder half way and folded it over. No issues with getting the flow going (teehee).

I chose to go with my 12.5″ Block II upper receiver because I haven’t used that upper in awhile, but I could just as easily go to my SPR or 416 upper and have a relatively faithful SEAL impression going on. I did use the hybrid sight setup I had on my 416 upper on this Block II upper, and boy did I enjoy the versatility of having magnification when I needed it. This particular replica XPS holosight works surprisingly well even in direct sunlight – I’ll have to remember to ask Jester where he got it.

And now for a random pic featuring Treevor:


Stop trying to be asian, Treevor.


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