Update: WE M&P Slides

Through work, I tried to get in a handful of these factory slides with trademarks. Unfortunately, WE stopped producing these slides months ago and are no longer shipping these out on the WE order being processed for my workplace… they just forgot to tell my bosses until this week. Go figure.

I did happen to notice that there is a RA-Tech Custom Steel Slide for WE M&P recently listed on eHobby.

Markings and finishing look very nice. Steel = more mass = more kick and possibly higher rate of cool down (that being said the gas system on the M&P has pretty good gas consumption, even on the factory WE slide). Price point is much higher than factory HK3 trademark slides as RA-Tech steel slides usually are, at $285.00 USD on eHobby.

For those of you still looking for a new slide for your M&P this currently is the only production-model slide (that I know of) that you can get that features realistic trade-marks.


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