New Marui Guns?

Photo taken from Popular Airsoft. Thanks to Driftinsti for sharing with me.

The highlights for me:

Top left looks like a Tavor – I was just asking James from WE if they have any plans to make a Tavor GBB (which WE is currently not). I’m not sure why I all of a sudden got a hankering for a Tavor of my own; perhaps its just the fact that I want a new GBB rifle. Here’s hoping that its a GBBR coming out from Marui, but if its a Recoil Shock AEG… just meh.

Bottom right is most likely a HK45. Is it a HK45 or HK45C? Either way, still exciting to me for sure – especially since I was about to pull the trigger on a Umarex/KWA HK45 even though I really am biased against KWA products. After firing the real HK45 while in the States with my buddy Eddie, I more or less fell in love with the feel of that gun. With Tokyo Marui products, I feel like I know exactly what I’m getting into.

Lastly, is that M4 a GBB or another Recoil Shock model; as Logan muses on this post to Popular Airsoft, could it be that Marui is finally releasing a GBBR AR to the market? It could very well be a game changer for some of us hardcore TM fanboys.


Tell me your thoughts

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