G-Code HSP D3 Carrier

G Code HSP D3 Carrier

Photos taken from popularairsoft.com and G-Code’s Website.

It’s not often that I get really excited about a new piece of gear but this popped up on Popular Airsoft today and my jaw dropped. For the past year or so I’ve solely run plate carriers and chest rigs and have never dabbled in low drag belt systems. I’ve always wanted to try out a belt or drop leg system but haven’t had the opportunity or free funds to acquire one. But today after taking a look at the G-Code HSP D3 Carrier I may be sold.

The D3 Carrier takes advantage of G-Code’s proven holster design and offers a light weight modular system that can be run in a number of ways. The key element that drew my attention was its modular design. The D3 Carrier allows the User to customize and build the holster based on their tactical needs. The core holster comes in either a single or double M4/M16 capacity. On top of the core holster Users can add between one to three pistol magazine holsters on the outside. This system can then be run on a belt, MOLLE system or as part of a chest rig with all necessary accessories or adapters being sold on the G-Code website.


The core M4/M16 holster system is incredibly small only spanning 7″ in width making it easily mounted on the front of a plate carrier system with the MOLLE adaptor. Alternatively the drop leg implementation (which I thought looked awesome) can be adapted to any belt with the ISS Leg System from G-Code.

It looks to me like a perfect lightweight drop leg setup that would be ideal for any low drag or CQB loadout.

While I’ll be looking into more reviews the D3 Carrier was a collaboration with Haley Strategic Partners and if Travis Haley has given this product his blessing I may be sold.

As an additional note Popular Airsoft noted that an AK Carrier version is in the works.

Products picture available are available for sale on the G-Code Website: HSP D3 Carrier


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