Guarder TM P226R Slide & Frame

I am installing this for a customer at work, and I decided to take some photos along the way.



Nice trademarks. Guarder doesn’t advertise this version with the trademarks on their website now, but it is still very available for order.


Screw holes for both the trigger assembly block and the plate opposite magazine catch are drilled but not tapped on this kit (though if I remember correctly, this is the same as the last kit I installed). Though odd that they would make the holes but not thread them to accept the original Marui screw is a little beyond me – that being said, removal of these screws in the Marui does not negatively affect performance, and nor does it with the Guarder metal kit.




The fitting work between the slide, frame and internal components required was exactly the same as previous installs I’ve done of TM P226R into Guarder slide & frame sets (some grinding to remove some material in various places). See photos above and below, this is during the process of fitting the parts and during the time of the pictures these areas were not yet completed.





Depicted here is the shelf that Guarder has added into their frame that is not present in the Marui. The trigger bar rides along this shelf – also means that you do have to be more careful when installing the trigger bar and attached parts than if using the stock Marui frame (but for most users, they are unlikely to disassemble to this level unless something breaks).


Guarder steel take-down lever was installed. Fitment was so tight the first few take-downs that it resulted in minor marring between the take-down lever and frame. This is what I’ve noticed with many Guarder parts in Guarder frames.


I suggested that the customer purchase a Guarder steel spring guide, as the Marui ones are prone to breakage with heavy use. I did find that the Guarder spring guide base did not actually fit properly within the Marui trigger assembly block and thus I had to fit it.


The customer had a Guarder outer barrel – previously I’ve worked with non-Guarder outer barrels as I usually find that they have fitment issues, even with the Guarder slides. This case was no different – as you can see in these last 2 pictures, the outer barrel isn’t locking up 100% into battery with the slide; this is the final fitment issue I’m working through before the gun gets sent out to the customer.


Note that the dummy pins included in the Guarder kit are not yet installed, hence the empty holes above the trigger.


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