ICS TAG Grenade System

Finally released… and this package ($128.00 USD) was sold out on eHobby in a day.

The ICS TAG Grenade System is an Mil-Sim 2-part 40mm grenade that actually launches a projectile (according to ICS, they go really freaking far, too). This particular projectile releases powder on impact. From the videos I’ve seen on YouTube at various ICS tradeshow booths over the past year that mention this, there are supposedly other varieties of projectile rounds coming out sometime later.

I could see these being very cool to use in Mil-Sim or scenario-based games… though the high price point for Grenade Cartridges is the biggest factor that will be preventing me from buying myself a set any time soon ($81.00 USD each on eHobby, or $410.00 USD for 6)… that is, until someone here who writes scenarios gets wind of this and starts integrating these into games. That being said, I find that the price on the Paint-Powder Grenades isn’t too bad ($70.00 USD for 10 on eHobby), as each grenade is actually cheaper than the Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades available locally ($9.95 CAD each).


2 responses to “ICS TAG Grenade System

  • Matt

    I have recently been using these here in the UK.

    instead of the paint powder grenades (which do not detonate but break on impact) I use yellow tipped grenades called reaper rounds.

    they contain a three to five second fuse, the same bang as a mk 5 thunderflash and roughly 50 bbs. they can easily clear 100 feet, however due to the temperature this time of year the results varies depending on gas and wind etc

    the first time I took these out I landed one in a group of six experienced players around 60 metres away, when you let one fly, EVERYONE knows about it!

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