Tactical Tailor Fight Light 2L Hydration Carrier

I’m starting to like the look of Tactical Tailor products, namely their Fight Light line. Despite all the oddities of Tactical Tailor and their CEO’s decisions, at least they managed to build a functional and good-looking hydration carrier.


I’m quite proud of this purchase of mine from Pantel Tactical. Very new product – not even on Tactical Tailor’s website yet. It has certainly already started turning heads on the field.

This small single tri-glide is most likely in place to hold the bladder upright… it does so surprisingly well.


Included is a Source 2L hydration bladder. Easy to use, easy to clean. Great value for money!


In typical Tactical Tailor fashion, this is affixed using the included Malice Clips. For some reason, Tactical Tailor sent short Malice Clips – I’m not entirely sure why, as the long ones could be used based upon the number of rows of sewn-on webbing. Everything sits rather flat when mounted though, so no complaints there.


Tactical Tailor located in Tacoma, WA – huh… I can say I’ve been to the TT retail store.


Purchased from vet-owned and operated Pantel Tactical (retail price of $52.50 USD). Though Pantel is located in some tiny ghost of a strip mall, its actually a great place to shop and talk – Josh certainly knows his stuff. He’s doing custom gear, as well as operating the store; he’s one heck of a passionate geardo. My buddy Eddie (who works at DS Tactical) was so impressed with Josh’s work that he’s trying to make something happen between Pantel and DS now.


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