Update: WE M4A1 GBBR

After waiting 8 months for my WE M4 open bolt parts, 2 WE part orders later the M4 parts that I had actually requested finally arrived. Though they arrived a little too late to take full advantage of the warm GBB-friendly summer weather, at least my WE M4 is up and running again – complete with working factory bolt stop (modified), brand new factory BCG and freshly-installed factory trigger group.


My GBBR now sports a couple of newly installed slick parts:

  • Troy Alpha VTAC Rail 13″ FDE
  • B5 Systems SOPMOD Stock Bravo FDE
  • BCM Gun Fighter’s Grip Mod 0 FDE

Parts I’ve had from before have found their way onto this gun:

  • AABB X300
  • ACM T1 with Larue-style Mount
  • Magpul PTS ASAP
  • ACM Daniel Defense A1.5-style Fixed Sights
  • TSC KNS Gen1-style Anti-Rotation Pins
  • TSC KAC-style Ambidextrous Safety Selector
  • TSC PRI-style Gas Buster Charging Handle
  • Madbull Noveske Low Profile Gas Block
  • ACM VLTOR-style Compensator

More photos after the break.








This is less than 1000 rounds through this brand new BCG, and the reinforced tab that locks up against the bolt stop has already broken off. This is a first for me – though many a WE OB BCG has destroyed itself in my gun, I’ve never had a BCG break in this place before.



One of these days I’ll post a list of all the problems (and fixes) I’ve encountered with my WE M4 over 3 generations.

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