KWA MP7 Maintenance

Though my MP7 is one of my newer guns, I’ve put more rounds through it than some of my AEGs after downgrading my muzzle velocity with a Tonic Floating Valve. I recently installed a FE Steel Lengthen Piston (similar in design to RA-Tech Hard Kick Set).

Cleaned my barrel & feed ramp, replaced hop up bucking with a A Plus Studios KSC (KWA) MP7 SMG bucking. I couldn’t actually decide which hop rubber between the Falcon bucking and the A+ bucking to put in. I’ve read that both the Falcon and A Plus rubbers perform very similar to the stock KWA, though there are no issues with swelling due to excess silicone oil soaking into the aftermarket buckings. I’ll eventually install and test the Falcon one and see what happens.

Look at all that dirt…


Even my feed ramp was dirty…


My selector click pin is very worn out – hence my selector doesn’t click with the same authority as Jetlag’s. I’ve ordered myself one from Wii Tech.


Jetlag handed his Umarex MP7 to me as well.

He reported feeding issues and that his bolt stop would automatically lock after every shot, even on a loaded mag, and even when there was no mag and the cocking handle was racked.

The issue with his bolt stop was a simple-enough fix, reported on the KWA USA forums. The torsion spring that would ordinarily hold the bolt stop lever down had popped out of place and was resting under the lever. This caused the bolt stop to engage automatically. The fix was a simple as re-seating the spring over the lever, allowing one to slingshot rack the charging handle on a loaded magazine.


Feeding issues with KWA/KSC products are either often a result of BB sizing or hop up bucking. In this case, I know the Tier One BB’s he’s been shooting through generally will feed. I changed his hop up bucking with a spare KWA OEM one irregardless.


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