KJ M4 USGI Magazines

These arrived at work. Very cool, factory KJW M4 USGI-style mags.


This makes me reconsider starting on the KJ (Tanio Koba) M4 platform as my next GBBR project… especially since the KJW/TK M4’s now come with these magazines out of the box:


More photos after the break.

IMG1594 IMG1595 IMG1596 IMG1597 IMG1598 IMG1599 IMG1601 IMG1605 IMG1607


6 responses to “KJ M4 USGI Magazines

  • bagus

    halo bro,
    just wanna know where did you buy the KJ stanag mags? want to buy it as well :)..thx bro

    • juicy

      Hey Bagus,

      I don’t actually own those KJ mags, they’re something that came in at my workplace. As this blog is something I prefer to keep separate from my job I do to make a living, I can email you a link to to the KJ mags are (if you want to order from within Canada), if you would like?


  • bagus

    Hi bro,

    yeah sure i would love to..if you can just email me the link. thx a lot!
    here’s my email:


  • anton

    good or bad? compared with the Canadian type

    • juicy

      Beats me… I don’t own a KJ M4 myself to test them in 🙂

      I do know that they are heavier magazines than the old style – beyond. The new V2 bolt carriers in the KJ M4’s are definitely more prone to cool down, whereas most of the trials I’ve seen that I was actually impressed with the performance of the KJ platform were done with the V1 bolt carriers. This does mean that any testing I do with the V2, I really don’t know what to expect one way or the other with the V2.

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