This is my first look at the KWA LM4 ERG. I’m actually quite impressed with KWA’s build quality and simulated recoil on this gun thus far.


Testing simulated recoil on semi and full-auto, as well as function of empty magazine bolt stop function and resetting system to continue firing. Recoil is nice – feels somewhat more like a bolt carrier is moving back and forth in the buffer tube, rather than a piston pumping back and forth in the gearbox as in the TM Recoil Shock M4 and HK416 series.

Magazine follower lever system that trips the bolt stop inside the mag well seems to work pretty well. The gun will fire once if the bolt stop is depressed and an empty magazine inserted into the gun before the lever system cuts off the gearbox. Depressing bolt stop paddle will allow gun to fire again, whereas racking charging handle to the rear will not allow gun to continue firing.

Drum hop up? Yes!!!


(Oh right, working mock bolt plate stop as well – not automatic, but rather you have to lock the mock bolt plate open via running charging handle and bolt stop.)

Factory seal on gearbox. To be honest, the gearbox is loud and sounds like its grinding a bit – I’m not sure if this is the assembly of the gearbox, design of the gearbox, or the recoil system at work.


Closer look at bolt stop mechanism – manually locking bolt open does hold mock bolt plate open, though will not stop the gun from firing. Note that unlike the Marui Recoil Shock series, the dummy bolt plate does not cycle as the KWA ERG fires.


14.5″ mid-length outer barrel. Middy gas system wins cool points. Note that the outer barrel is thick, much more similar to the real deal than your standard AEG outer barrels which are mostly designed with battery storage space in mind. Interesting choice, considering how KWA has chosen to go with front-wired battery compartments in the PTS models – though this is (generally) more realistic.


Excellent fit between front sight post and outer barrel. Very impressed with KWA’s attention to tolerances in this small way in the LM4 ERG.


Steel handguard cap.



Seems to be a slightly shortened trigger pull from standard AEGs.



Even the fusebox is made out of high quality nylon fibre. I mean, if KWA’s fuse case is built out of this durable-looking polymer, the majority of the plastic parts inside this gun are likely to be made from this as well – very exciting.




Re-routed wiring around inner barrel through cooling holes of customer’s new Madbull Daniel Defense Omega rail. After removal of plastic fuse case and taping up the glass fuse & connectors, everything actually managed to fit inside the tighter space between the thick outer barrel and Omega rail.


PTS MOE grip looks like the old style when one looks at the baseplate.


However… inside the motor grip plate is a little bit different. The black one is the one from the KWA x PTS LM4 ERG, and the FDE one is from a PTS MIAD grip kit.


Not the best of torque motors… if this were my gun I would be replacing this ASAP to help quicken up trigger response a bit, especially since higher rating spring does lag a bit with this motor and an 11.1V LiPo. This really doesn’t contribute to the increased realism that the ERG attempts to bring to the table with the recoil system and working bolt stop on an empty magazine. To be honest, the performance of this reminds me of the OEM Ares or King Arms motors (which are pretty much like every other anemic AEG motor in many, many Hong Kong-brand AEG are equipped with out of the box).



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