R-Hopping Part Two: Video Update

The above video demonstrates (rather poorly, since you can’t see the BB) my second go at the R-Hop install process following last week’s initial install that overhopped 0.28g BBs with no hop. Unfortunately you can’t see it very clearly at all in the video, but the BBs were easily flying past the powerline tower I was using as a target. I’m horrible with judging distances, but that’s got to be at least 225+ feet.

I forgot to mention that I was using a Prometheus Flat Hop Nub as part of this install. You can use a normal cylindrical nub with an R-Hop setup, but by all accounts online it won’t render the same results as a flat nub. The BBs used are 0.30g Calibre Six BBs fed from a Magpul PTS EMag.

As per the video commentary the range increase is significant. Accuracy/consistency was relatively the same, although with the Lonex hop unit and Prometheus inner barrel they were already pretty good to begin with.

One fairly crucial thing I forgot to mention in the above video: full auto fire with this current setup is terrible. The BBs are firing without any problem, but the hop is horribly inconsistent from BB to BB – at the 28bps provided by the G&P M120 High Speed Motor I currently have in there, it kind of looks like a very short ranged BB shotgun. My guess is that the motor is simply too fast. I’ll switch the motor back to the slower stock Avalon motor and see if that renders full auto fire at least somewhat useable.

I’ll do some tinkering and perhaps do another video at this Sunday’s game day. I may or may not post up a video later this week with various tips and tricks I learned with this install. In the meantime if you have any questions, please ask away. 🙂

(special thanks to Dirt for being my iPhone cameraman and confirming that the BBs were indeed going where I thought they were)

4 responses to “R-Hopping Part Two: Video Update

  • grizzly

    Dizzy’s teching skill has leveled up! Huzzah!

  • Stephen

    Steve from Airsoft Store… thought I would drop a line here.

    I’ve found that with the specific setup you are using (Prometheus flat nub, R-hop) the chances of overhopping (the irony is not lost here…)with zero hop is high because of the thickness of the Prometheus flat hop tensioner (it is – after all – designed to work with a Flat-hop setup where there is no r-hop patch present and would need to be thicker to intrude into the inner barrel). For this reason, I would suggest using the M-Nubs vs. trimming down the Prometheus flat nub because the chances of you getting a perfectly flat surface trimming is slim to none, unless you have access to a CO2 laser machine.

    Hope that helps.

    • dizzy

      Thanks for your reply, Steve.

      I’ve since filed down the R-hop patch instead of trimming down the Prometheus nub (for the reasons you stated above) and it seems to have done the trick – I’m not over hopping any more. I’ve heard a lot about the M-Nub and will likely toss a couple onto my next order from you guys next chance I get. 🙂

  • Stephen

    Ohh…totally forgot. The #3 patch with the Prometheus flat tensioner works very well ( if you’re using Prometheus barrel). The oversized nature of the #3 patch makes negates the barrel intrusion and makes for a good match.

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