Mayflower APC: Update #1

Just wanted to share that my Mayflower APC’s admin pouches are actually a surprisingly useful size and shape for my usage while on the Airsoft field.

Elastic loops sewn into the back of the velcro-enclosed admin pouch are large enough to hold items up to the size of my Gerber EOD multitool (albeit a bit tight). For best fit, I’m currently using the loops to store a spare Firefox 11.1V 1100mAH battery(s), various pens and occasionally small tools. All of these items do fit inside the pouch with enough room to allow for full closure of the velcro top – perfect!


The front admin slot does not have a closure of any sort, so I don’t regularly use this pouch as often. However, it does serve very well as a map, document or other thin item storage pouch featuring quick access – thus far I’ve used it to carry anything from business cards to full stacks of folded up A4 paper with admin stuff printed on them. That being said, if it were anything of significant mass, I wouldn’t trust this pouch to retain it for extended periods of time involving intense maneuvers. I’ve since been using it more for items that are required for silent, immediate access.


I haven’t actually utilized a chest-mounted admin pouch in a few years to carry this much stuff. I actually forgot how nice it is to have little bits of stuff that I may need in an easy-to-reach spot.

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