Magpul Ranger Plate x Systema PTW Magazine

Enter the Magpul Ranger Plate – a drop-in replacement baseplate for standard STANAG USGI magazines that features a rubber loop. This allows for both easier control of the USGI magazine, as well as a rubber bumper between the magazine and the ground beneath your boots. I predominantly utilize mine as an index point when grabbing my magazines near the base.


I’ve used these Magpul Ranger Plates over a year now. These were previously installed on my WE M4 GBBR as they would also serve as a dust cover over the fill valve beyond the typical usages. I personally prefer Ranger Plates over rubber Magpuls as they have a slimmer width (easier to fit into 2-mag pouches) and are more solidly attached to the magazine (locked into place). I previously knew that these are totally compatible with Systema PTW magazines, though I was unsure as to exactly how they would fit.


Installation instructions and photos onto Systema PTW HW mags are after the break.

Below is the method I typically installed a Magpul Ranger Plate to my WE M4 GBBR magazines. On the Gen 1 WE GBBR M4 magazines, there was enough space to install the Ranger Plates, though there was not enough clearance for the included polymer lock plate. Gen 2 WE M4 magazines don’t have enough space between the bottom of the magazine and the inner magazine and hence do not allow for installation of the Ranger Plates. Used for demonstration is a Systema PTW magazine.





Installation of the Magpul Ranger Plate onto a Systema PTW magazine can be done with or without the polymer lock plate. I’ve opted to go the more complete way, in my opinion, and have installed both the Ranger Plates and the included lock plates. After removing the inner magazine case from the shell, the lock plate can be inserted into the magazine shell at the base. With some creative wiggling, I managed to cram the lock plate in at an angle and slightly inset into the outer shell of the magazine. I can now slip the Ranger Plate onto the base of the shell and knock the lock plate into place using a long tool that reaches through the empty outer magazine, locking the Ranger Plate in place.






Note that installation of the polymer base plate lock plate not only serves to retain the Ranger Plate, but also as a dust cover as it blocks off many of the open holes that the Ranger Plate alone does not seal.






Note: in a real USGI magazine, the lock plate is held downwards by tension from the magazine follower spring. In a Systema PTW magazines, the lock plate is held down by the inner magazine case (the lock plate itself is held in place by the roll pins near the top of the magazine).


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