Armalite Grip Comparison



From Gearscout is an older article comparing 21 varieties of armalite compatible pistol grips.

Obviously not all of these are available in AEG friendly forms (really only the TangoDown and Magpul ones immediately come to mind, but please let me know if I’m missing some grips that have airsoft versions), but some may be GBBR compatible as GBBRs obviously don’t have to house a motor. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting look at the variety and modularity currently available for the armalite platform.

Recently I’ve personally come to favor a more vertical slant to my pistol grips. Weapon manipulation in airsoft obviously isn’t the same as it is in the real steel world, but I’ve found that having a more vertical slant on your AEG pistol grip is more conducive to modern manipulation techniques (ie, with Magpul Dynamics-esque shooting styles). As with most things, however, you mileage may vary and you should use whatever works for you.

(credit to a post by Stealthee on for bringing this article to my attention)

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