Magpul MS2 Sling Modification

My friend Eddie used to run a Magpul MS2 sling with a VTAC 2 point sling, and it occurred to me that I’ve got both a MS2 and a Tactical Tailor 2-point sitting around that I never use… After all, I don’t particularly like the loop adjustment method on the PTS MS2 sling. However, I do prefer the adjustments that utilize a free hanging strap rather than an integrated loop into the sling for shooting with a 2-point sling, but find the thin Tactical Tailor 2-point sling uncomfortable to wear. A system that would be functional, comfortable and easily convertible to a 1-point sling would be just right for some of the guns that I own.


The 2-point sling dismantled for the other half of this sling system was a Tactical Tailor 2-point quick-adjust padded sling. The padding is not particularly thick or wide, so it isn’t that comfortable when the sling rolls over and twists.  Even when lying flat against my shoulders, the sling material is too thin to comfortably bear much weight when there’s too much slack. Tightening the sling is done via pulling a loose end of the sling material running through a buckle, whereas loosening it up is accomplished by pulling up on a loop of cord attached to the buckle – just the way I like it.

On the other hand, I find the loop on the Magpul MS2 tends to not be easily accessible when I need to reach for it. In addition, the thinner material on the MS2 tends to get twisted up on me – no tangles or anything like that, but it can get really uncomfortable when the sling bunches up right on my shoulder blade. That being said, I do really like the MS2 sling hardware, since it allows for a slick conversion from a 1-point to a 2-point sling in seconds. (I’ve heard that the MS3 fixes some of these issues.)

The Magpul PTS MS2 front sling loop was retained, even though it may sometimes release if accidentally bumped and unlocked. I did kept it mainly because it allows for quick attachment/reattachment to either the forward sling mount on my carbine or onto the D-ring at the other end of the original MS2 sling.


Rear quick-disconnect sling hook and sewn-on sling loop with D-ring was retained to keep the capabilities of converting the sling system to single point usage.


Sling mount plate I’m going to be generally utilizing with this sling system will be the PTS Magpul ASAP – this allows me to move the sling mount position around, even to the right side of the receiver.


I prefer to run my 2 point slings to the right side of my stock, as this keeps the excess sling material and tri-glide out of my face when shooting strong side.


So there we go – I guess I don’t need this anymore.


Final touches that weren’t photographed were fine tuning the overall length of the sling. Quick adjustments done on the fly allow for additional tightening up of any slack in the sling system, which make this sling quite comfortable to wear as a 1-point. Trimming of the additional length off of the donor 2 point sling keeps the excess material from flopping around and getting in the way of the controls.

Afterthoughts: I suppose this could also be done to a MS3 sling. My understanding of the MS3’s that I’ve seen in usage is that the hook system is more robust and much less prone to accidental release, while being just as easy to attach/remove. I’ve also heard that the MS3 is wider and is hence more comfortable to wear with heavier guns. Honestly though, I’ve yet to use a MS3 and likely won’t even bother considering how the MS2 just wasn’t even close to the ideal sling for me.

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