Preview: Tokyo Marui Glock 17 Custom

TM Glock

So last week on my birthday I got one of the dopest presents I’ve ever received, my girlfriend got me a Tokyo Marui Glock 17 Custom (she’s a keeper). Since I started airsoft I’ve only ever owned one gas blow back pistol, my KWA USP, but I’ve always had my sights set on a Glock. Something about the simplicity of its design and widespread use in military and police forces worldwide that has lured me to this gun.

TM Glock

After ripping open the box like a kid on Christmas I got to the goods. On top of this being my 2nd airsoft pistol, it’s my first Tokyo Marui airsoft gun and thus far I’m impressed with the quality of the gun, even the packaging (seen above) is a step above what most other airsoft guns come in. What’s included in the box is the Tokyo Marui Glock, a G17 gas mag, an unjamming rod, some BBs, the TM safety guide (entirely in Japanese) and surprisingly some pistol targets.

TM Glock 17

The specific model my girlfriend got me was the TM Glock 17 Custom, a G17 with a few external modifications added on. At it’s core the TM Glock is primarily made from polymer/plastic, the lower frame being made of a tinted plastic. The only metal/aluminum parts are elements of the trigger system and recoil spring. Despite being made of mostly plastic the gun is incredibly solid, there is no wiggle or play between the lower frame and slide. Additionally because of the plastic/polymer build the gun is fairly lightweight and easy to manipulate. After holding the airsoft gun for almost every moment since I got it, I absolutely love the grip, I can quickly and easily get a high grip on the gun from the holster and feel confident its on target.

TM Glock

So on top of the core Glock 17, what makes this gun custom? There are a handful of external modifications such as a thumb rest(to assist in the User achieving a high parallel grip), extended magwell(for ease of reloading) and a vented slide(just for looks/maybe lightens up the slide a little). These few modifications give this Glock 17 a unique look to differentiate itself from all the other G17s in widespread use.

Overall from an externals perspective the Tokyo Marui Glock 17 custom is an awesome gun, I cannot wait to field this and see the TM performance in action. There are definitely some elements of the gun I plan on upgrading, possibly getting an aluminum slide combined with a stronger recoil spring as well as a non-tinted lower frame. However until then, I’m pretty stoked about the present and can’t wait to use it.

If you’re a fan of Glocks, this is definitely a model to check out. If you’re a fan of Glocks and guns I have another suggestion, reading Glock: Rise of America’s Handgun.

Glock: Rise of the American Handgun

I read this book a few months back on a whim and it was what sparked my love in Glocks. It covers the entire Glock’s history to present day, from it creation by Gaston Glock in Austria to its widespread use and popularity in America. You learn a lot, not just about the gun and its design, but also about how the Glock came into widespread use and how the firearms industry in the United States functions. Great read and I highly suggest it.



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