Redwolf Listed: Orga Flat Hop for PTW

Redwolf Airsoft in Hong Kong just listed these for sale online:

Orga Flat Hop Adjuster w/2 Flat Packing for PTW

List price $55 USD.

As I’ve mentioned previously, this is a new product coming from Orga Airsoft – a drop-in hop up roller and cage flat hop-style upgrade for Systema PTW. I would assume that one would reap all the range benefits from the elongated contact patch, paired with the consistency of the PTW platform… I mean, it seems to be a recipe for something capable of pushing long range with a flat trajectory¬† for just a plastic BB gun.

I’m not sure if I’ll get it right away since its $55 USD – I’ll wait till someone else has done some thorough testing on this and posts about it online somewhere. With the MAG Curve Roller only costing $16 USD it was worth buying and trying, but the $55 price point on the Orga is a little above my current budget for parts testing. So here’s hoping that someone buys one who is willing and able to produce a nice write up detailing any comparable and/or noticeable improvements.


2 responses to “Redwolf Listed: Orga Flat Hop for PTW

  • Capere

    Have you kept using the MAG curved roller since your review and if yes: did it convince you in the long run?

    I am looking forward to hearing from you. (:

    • juicy

      Capere – yes, I’ve been using the MAG Curve Roller all this time. It most certainly does work very well, consistency and range is exactly what I was looking for from my PTW.

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