Painting KWA MP7

I’ve been meaning to add a couple layers of spray can paint since I bought my KWA/Umarex last spring – I finally did it. At last, my MP7 project is drawing to a close.


Note that I did mask off certain parts of the MP7 – including fire selector markings and serial on right side of receiver – as I’ve seen it done in some photos and it looked cool to me. However, I did neglect to mask off my bolt carrier… that being said, it still cycles just fine with the thin layer of paint on there – I think that there should be enough clearance between this face of the bolt carrier and the innards that it slides upon.


A few layers of Aervoe Military Camo Paint in Coyote forms the base coat for my MP7. Nice thing about this for how I like to see painted guns is that it doesn’t stick nearly as well as Krylon Fusion Camouflage does, so it will wear off as I use it more.


This is followed by light stripes dusted vertically with Krylon Ultra-Flat Camouflage Paint in Khaki to lighten up the colour and help break up the shape a bit. Thanks to my bro “Jester” for giving me some pointers on painting this time around.


I still need to game my MP7 and make sure I’m satisfied with the results of the A Plus Devil Hop Up Rubber for SMG, as I do have a Falcon Bucking (blue) on hand that is also apparently about the same in terms of results. Once I’ve gotten my MP7 operating at my expectations of performance, it’ll be all done. Here’s hoping that I can work some good out of the KWA hop system in the MP7 with better results than every other KSC or KWA product I’ve every owned…


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